Korean language immersion
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I met some Korean ESL students in school and have been drinking and hanging out with them, they are really cool people and want me to show them around Scottsdale and go clubbing in some upscale joints, trouble is I am clueless to the club scene, haven’t been to Scottsdale and don’t have club clothes.

Clubbing in Scottsdale - What do I need to know? Parking? Cover? Drink costs? I have heard Axis-Radius is a pretty good club and so is it’s sister club Myst, I’m looking for something pretty upscale with a couple alternatives as a safety.

Clubbing in general - What is typical club culture? How should I act and hold myself? How can I be cool with the servers/hosts and aviod a faux pas? Tipping?

Clothing - I don’t know where to shop other than wandering around in Arrowhead and Metro malls, I need a virtual shopping buddy.

1. What styles/labels of shirtwear should I be looking at? What should I expect to spend? Image links would be a huge help.

2. Shoes are the big thing, I am terrible when shoe shopping and am absolutely clueless as to where to go or what kind of shoes to look for, this is where I need the most help, again visual aids here would really be useful. Also, what should I be spending?

3. I live in Peoria, where in and around here should I be shopping? Store names? Preference is close though I don’t mind driving out a ways.
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What state are you talking about? Google maps tells me there's both a Scottsdale and a Peoria in both Arizona and in Illinois...
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If you don't go clubbing and would need new clothes and a guide to doing it, why would you offer to host?
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Well, at least MeatyBean speaks English well enough that asking around (as heshe is doing here) is easy. On the other hand, maybe researching this could be a fun exercise for the ESL students.
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If you wear one of those Ed Hardy shirts and those $200 fancy man-jeans, you'll be at the vortex of douchebaggery with the rest of the Scottsdale club crowd.

Seriously, just go to Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall, walk around and buy what everyone else is buying. Have fun.
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In addition, for clothing advice it might help to know your gender...
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I manged to cruise the mall and pick up what I needed anyway.
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