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Just spent ages playing a geography game (Globetrotter XL) and my understanding of the globe is now way better. What are some other great online games I might learn something from playing?
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Free Rice is a decent little timekiller. You can play it in a variety of different subjects.
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Real Lives is pretty sobering in how it depicts the life of the truly average person. Landing a comfortable Western lifestyle is rare compared to ending up in a dangerous slum in Nigeria or Bangladesh.
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Yes! Thanks for posting this! Globetrotter XL is exactly the sort of game I've been hoping to come across.
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CellCraft is pretty slick. I wish it was around when I was memorizing cell biology in high school.
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Traveller's IQ Challenge on Facebook is really similar to Globetrotter XL in gameplay, but might have some different locations to learn. It also has continent- or country-specific modes, which is neat.

(I detest Facebook apps, but I keep this one due to awesomeness).
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I love globetrotter XL, but do you know of a similar game that has more of an emphasis on getting the country right, rather than getting the cities right?
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Coffer, I think you'll like this world map game from (the same site that made Dice Wars).
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Tontie will help you learn ten key.
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