Help me identify this painting please
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Can you identify the painting on Steiner's Wall.

Can anyone identify the painting that appears on the wall above the man's shoulder between 1:33 and 1:35. We bought a homemade looking painting at a flea market. Never thought it was anything other than someone's home art project. But there I was watching La Dolce Vita and saw that my homemade painting was a copy of something. What is the original it is based on and who painted it? It is kind of ugly in an oddly alluring way. Thanks in advance.
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For benefit of future hunters: this one?

Sorry, no idea :(
posted by supercres at 4:17 PM on September 3, 2010

Cleaned up a bit.

Can you post a picture of your copy? It might be easier to identify (i.e., see details) that way.
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Here is a photo
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Looks like Picasso to me or an imitation of his blue period style.
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It doesn't look to me like those are the same painting. Look at the angle of the line of the eyebrows.
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It's L'apprenti ouvrier by Georges Rouault. It's a self-portrait and the style is slightly different from his usual one (which threw me off for a few minutes). Your version is obviously inspired by it.
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