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Help me find an obscure (but hilarious) online video.

Someone posted a link to a video a year or three ago on a professional wedding photographer forum I frequent. As best as I can remember, the video showed a photographer basically ruining a couple's ceremony by getting right up in their faces and dancing around the altar snapping multiple frames per second. He also had a mohawk and generally looked like an idiot. I think someone had (oh-so cleverly) put this video to Kid Rock's song "Cowboy." It looked legit (which is unfortunate for the couple), but may have been a fake.

I've searched Google, Google Video, Youtube, Wedinator, and several of the lowbrow humour sites out there and can't find it. I even asked the forum where I originally saw it but pretty much got radio silence. I'd love to share this stupid video with several of my photographer friends. Help me Mefites; you're my only hope.
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I wish I could help - it sounds funny, plus my housemate is a photographer and he'd get a real kick out of it.

But to tide you over whilst you're searching, you might enjoy this kinda-related and definitely lowbrow wedding DJ failure.
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