Kenneth, what's the frequency?
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Anyone familiar with the Simian Broadcast program/software?

Imagine a start up radio station, using already installed equipment (Simian). Equipment with no instructions to be found. We are training with Marketron, a broadcast traffic system. Marketron will send broadcast instructions to Simian so commercials, etc. will run as scheduled. How do we achieve this? Simian's support cost is prohibitive and a last resort; Marketron cannot advise on Simian's software. So, what would we need to get the Marketron program to interface with the Simian program?
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If you're not already on-air, and (major caveat ahead) you have some decent IT skills available at the station, I'll suggest Rivendell, a heavy-duty free/Free automation system that runs on Linux. I'm saying this specifically because I found Simian to be a massively-random pain in the arse running on an OS that frequently needs to be rebooted. Reboots on an air system are automatically a disaster in my book, but really that's not why I like Rivendell. I like it because it's got all the features of something that'd usually cost $10,000 and doesn't cost a dime.

But meanwhile, here's your missing manual:

BSI has a manuals download page, and having just looked at the most recent version for Simian there's a lot of detailed information about how to merge traffic logs in whatever format your traffic app will spit them out.
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Thank you genghis, I'll pass this info on and we'll go from there.
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