What is zit?
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Looking for a dermatologist in Bellevue, WA to remove a small bump under my eye.

Yes, Seattle will suffice I live in Seattle, but work in Bellevue so going during the day would be better.

Yelp is convoluted with fake reviews, so I thought I'd ask the MeFi pals.

I have what feels like/looks like a permanent zit under my right eye and I have a job interview Wednesday. It's disgusting and it's been around for weeks.
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So you'd rather have a non-healed incision/stitch under your eye for your job interview?

This of course also assumes that it's a lesion that can be easily and safely removed.
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Uhm, I've had a dermatologist remove a couple of moles, and ended up with scars. I've also had scars removed by a plastic surgeon, and there is no way of telling there was anything there. I'm just saying, I'd never have a dermatologist come near my face with anything sharp unless – they only think they're surgeons.

Also, probably not a good idea to do the procedure before a job interview - even minor work on skin around the eyes (that's where I had my scar removed from) leaves ugly bruises that last a while.
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It sounds like you're not sure if it's a zit or something else. Why don't you go ahead and make an appointment to be seen by a dermatologist and get evaluated? It sounds like it's bothering you enough that you want to get it looked at regardless of the interview coming up. And if it's a zit, they might be able to inject cortisone right away. But that sometimes causes atrophy and will create a funny-looking dent which might be more noticeable during the interview. Here's some more info.
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Where is it at, precisely? Are we talking high cheekbone or eyelid? WARNING: SQUEAMISH TIME

If it is a chalazion, which is a lump in your eyelid, an eye doc will usually not cut from the outside. Instead, they fix a clamp in your eyelid and flip it inside out and cut through that way, then pop the lump out. I have yet to have one removed from the outside instead of the inside.

If that is where your lump is, you will not have a visible cut. If done properly, someone will have a hard time noticing that you had anything done on the previous day. At least, not in my unfortunately extensive experience with them.

The order of operations is numbing drops, a small injection to further numb the area. You wait, and then the clamp and your eyelid is flipped inside out. Then (optional, but I prefer it) an injection of adrenalin in the area. This reduces potential swelling quite a bit. An incision comes next, any "stuff" is removed, the clamp is unscrewed and your eyelid snaps back into place. No stitches required, inside or out. It's not particularly painful, even if the local anesthetic wears off early.

Pro-tip: If you drive home wearing sunglasses, blood will pool in the spot where the sunglasses meet your cheeks and if you take them off suddenly blood will run down your face. You will want to avoid this little surprise unless you like inadvertently terrorizing folks.

The next day it is a little darker and a little swollen, provided you have someone who does the adrenalin and is somewhat gentle with the clamp. Forty-eight hours later, I wasn't able to see any discoloration or swelling, and I was looking for it. I suppose it depends on how fast you heal. Warm, wet washcloths help and you may be given a little tube of antibiotics (or antibiotics plus an eye-friendly steroid, I've seen a lot of Tobradex) to prevent infection and swelling.

If the lump is not in your eyelid, then, yes, they will default to "cutting through your skin."
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Northwest Face in Carillon Point is good. My doctor referred me to them a year or two back. Possibly a little on the pricey side, but hopefully your insurance covers it.
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I worshiped Dr. Kendall Wilske at Virginia Mason. Incredibly smart, funny, great bedside manner, she's not the type of derma who's trying to sell you everything BUT if you ask she will tell you about it.

That said, I wouldn't have any kind of procedure done before a job interview. But go see a dermatologist. Tell them when you call that you have a job interview, they'll fit you in, but when I say "fit you in" it will be that - not convenient during the work day.
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I have no recommendation for a doctor. However, if the bump is white, it may just be a milk spot. (Google "milia".) If this is the case, you can remove it yourself by sticking a very thin needle in it.
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Friend just went to him and liked him. And friend knows from medical competence. He's in Bellevue some also.
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I really liked The Spa at Pro Sports Club in Bellevue. It's down 520, off 50th, near Microsoft.
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