Upgrade a slow Iphone?
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I recently bought an unlocked iphone 3g off of ebay. I use it on Tmobile. It's jailbroken and is running ios4.0. Like many upgraded 3g phones it's really slow. If I upgrade to the new ios4.1 and it goes back to a locked unjailbroken state, how safe and easy would it be to get it unlocked again? Could I do this myself?
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They haven't unlocked 4.1 yet since it doesn't come out til next week. You can downgrade from 4.1 to 4.0 if you have your SHSH blob backed up on sauriks server. if you open cydia and it says it's "on file" then you're safe to upgrade though you will lose your unlock until you downgrade back to 4.0 or the Dev Team makes a new ultrasn0w version for 4.1.
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Wait to upgrade until there's an unlock. 4.1 beta 3 is *less* painful but really not a huge improvement. I guess "unusable because it's too slow" isn't very different from "unusable because it's locked" but I guess you can decide which is worse.
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If this is a 3G you can downgrade without worrying about the SHSH thing.

If it's a 3GS and you didn't click "Make my life easier" in Cydia while 3.1.something was current, you're stuck at 4.0.
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I suspect your are going to have a bigger problem: namely that at&t and t-mobile use different frequencies for their 3g service. When I was transitioning to t-mobile I used my at&t sim in a t-mobile phone and it would only connect at edge speeds. I don't see any reason why the opposite would be any different.

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this is a link to the website maintained by the guys doing most of the jailbreaking work on new OS releases. There's a summary that lists most device types and OS versions.
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