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Dear Hivemind: Talk to me about working at the presidio in San Francisco please!

I'm about to accept a really exciting offer to relocate up to to the bay area for a little while and work at the presidio. I'm currently based in LA and am from Boston so San Francisco is a virtual unknown to me.

The hours will be long and the work is very intense so commuting far is not remotely an option. I'd like to live as close by as possible, preferably in a socially active neighborhood - I'm a guy in my late 20s, single and am really excited to get a taste of a new city. My plan is to find a shared living situation of some kind in the $6/700 range.

Any general advice would be greatly appreciated.

Here's two specific questions:

What neighborhoods should I focus on?

Is it a huge pain in the ass to bring a car? Is it worth it?

Thanks so much guys!
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If you live in the Presidio, you'll probably want a car, unless you're an avid cyclist. Most of the residential areas are kind of isolated. The neighborhoods closest to the Presidio are pretty expensive. Check out the Inner and Outer Richmond (outer is cheaper).
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Response by poster: It's on a project basis, so gotta be somewhat temporary.
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I agree with otherwordlyglow. A car will be really helpful for the Presidio, and the Richmond (outer or inner) would be a good place to focus on (and shouldn't be too hard to park in). Along Divisadero (aka alamo square/nopa) or the Lower Haight would also be good neighborhoods that aren't too far away and also not totally fancy.
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I would say check out the Richmond. The Clement St strip is pretty socially active, and there should be decent shared housing available.
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I live in the Inner RIchmond and I love it. Much more affordable than other areas, Clement Street is great and the area has pretty much escaped the creeping gentrification of some other neighborhoods. I have lived in Cow Hollow and that's also nice, but the rents will be higher. I don't have a car, but get around by scooter, or trusty old muni.
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Do you bike? Bring a bike. Learn to bike. That is going to be your fastest route to and from the Presidio. I would bring a bike and not a car. In about 2/3 of the neighborhoods, a car will be a real hassle.
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Close as possible and socially active likely means the Marina. The Presidio is big, so it depends on where you're working, but a lot of the stuff in the Presidio is at the north and east ends of the park, which are easily accessed by bike, bus, or even on foot from parts of the Marina. Plenty of SF residents want to throw rocks at the idea of the Marina because it is full of yuppies, but you can decide what you think of that for yourself. The neighborhood is clean, safe, has many restaurants and bars, and there are lots of 20-somethings living 2, 3 or more to an apartment. Good luck, sorry if this gets to you too late.
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