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I'm looking for something like Google Reader's sharing functionality, but for a group of project collaborators.

I'm working with a team of people spread around the world. What would be ideal would be something like Google Reader, but rather than Google's "share with everyone" settings, have a means by which everyone in the group could share content and comments with each other.

I realize that you technically can do this with Google Reader, but unless I'm missing something, it would be pretty convoluted. It would involve every member adding every other member as a contact and putting them together in a folder. I'd much rather have a Google Groups-type functionality, in which I could be in charge of adding members, rather than making each member do that.

Any ideas? Thanks a lot.
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It is too bad Wave is gone, as you could do just this sort of thing with it.

As an alternative, how about Campfire or some other group IM client?
posted by chiefthe at 11:14 AM on August 31, 2010

Would a group blog on Blogger work? You could restrict the privacy so only the contributors could read it. It's not an actual RSS feed, of course, but you could link to and excerpt any articles you're interested in, and share comments.
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Thanks a lot, chiefthe and John.

I should say, perhaps, that part of the goal here is getting this group comfortable using RSS for research. I'm imagining a sandbox for us to play and build things, with a steady stream of sand coming in.

I've used Basecamp before, but wasn't really familiar with Campfire. That might just be the thing. I see that there's even a plugin for porting in content from RSS and Twitter feeds.
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