DFW-area LARP-ers?
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Can anyone put me in contact with DFW-area LARP-ers? I have done the Googling, but can't find any groups that seem to be currently active or have good contact links. It would be great to get a contact from someone who actually knows a group/some individuals. This is for a video project.

They don't have to be elaborately costumed types (though that would be awesome) they just have to be willing to let me video some fighting/acting for this project. Oh, and it's not a project mocking LARPers. I'm planning on using the footage for a music video for a song by my husband (a nerdly sort) about being odd and unhip and ok with it.

No money involved, but they will certainly be credited however they wish to be.
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Dallas Camarilla.

I hate that I know this.
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Response by poster: thanks, pts; that's a resource I hadn't turned up.

If can't find any locals, may have to cast my net wider; Austin, maybe? Southern Oklahoma?
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My sister has some connection with a few of the larger LARPing organizations and knows people involved with LARPing all over the country. When I see her this evening I'll find out if she can get me some info on groups in your area.
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Response by poster: Thanks, GBM.

if she wants to contact me/has questions, let me know on MefiMail or just tell her to use emjaybee@grabapple.net to get in touch.
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There was a pretty big group of people that used to LARM every Sunday in McKenna park at the corner of Bonnie Brae and Scripture in Denton. I don't know if they still do, but they'd apparently been doing it for a while.
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Does SCA count? If so, me-mail me. I know several people who are really active in the DFW scene--fighters.
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