in need of a driver for a ide controller
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i run win xp i need a3k46zam ide controller driver but i cannot find it my sound doesnt play on any speaker but for some reason headsets do ... and ive tried driver dling programs nada
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Usually you want to go to the manufacturer of the motherboard and look up the drivers by the model number of the motherboard. 'a3k46zam' is not a valid model number of any existing motherboard or chipset, so whatever is you're trying to do here is very confused -- an IDE driver doesn't have anything to do with sound or speakers so maybe you need to elaborate on exactly what's going on here.
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Are your speakers powered - do they need batteries or a plug into the wall? That could explain why headphones work but the speakers don't.

Googling a3k46zam returns this. Maybe you have a virus? If you uninstall all IDE controllers under device driver, the next time you reboot, WinXP might be able to find a generic version to drive that particular controller.
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Googling a3k46zam returns this.

'This' was a post made on another forum by the OP. I'm not sure why it's posting here given that it claims to have removed said virus on 6 July.
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