How can I make my own pourable chocolate topping?
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I've tried unsuccessfully to find a recipe for a pourable chocolate sauce/icecream topping that I can put in bottles to give as gifts.

You know the kind... the pourable gourmet sauces you get in gift hampers, etc. All I can find are recipes you put in jars and that need reheating to be pourable.

How to the boutique sauce manufacturers do it?? ;)
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My drunken instincts say that corn syrup is involved somehow. (Ugh.)

The National Center to Home Food Preservation says that canning chocolate sauce is unsafe.
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My instincts aren't drunk, but they agree with mollymayhem. You probably need corn or karo syrup or some sweet stuff that is liquid at room temp.
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Dulce de leche is liquid (barely) at room temperature. You could make chocolate dulce de leche.
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Here's Alton Brown's recipe. Yeah, a couple tablespoons of corn syrup is involved.
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Came here to link Alton's recipe, but Chengjih already took care of it. The only alteration I make is 1/2 tsp almond extract and 1/2 tsp vanilla extract instead of 1tsp vanilla. It's amazing.
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If you want shelf-stable, giveaway chocolate treats, what about hot chocolate on a stick?
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