Ink keeps washing off my hand, I need a new money management method.
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Help me find an iPhone and Mac program or method that will help me keep my client payments managed. How do other tutors keep their payments managed?

I do some tutoring through the Internet and people pay me for one month in advance for a certain number of classes. What is a good program that can keep track of when they paid, how much, for which days, and when the next payment is due? Anyone have any ideas of how to implement something into iCal? What do other tutors use?
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If you set up a calendar in Google Calendars you can sync it with Apple iCal (directions here, it's pretty easy) and your phone, then you'll always have the same information.

Then I would just do the scheduling "by hand". Add an event when they pay you, go forward a month and add an event for when they need to pay you again. Add events for appointments. Easy.
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I use to manage my consulting business -- people can pay me with credit cards, paypal, or other things, and you can set up recurring billings on a monthly basis. There's an iPhone app for it.
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I use Billings on the Mac and iPhone, it works well, but I've never tried anything else.
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