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Open Source PHP projects needing a bug fixer.

I'd like to start contributing to an open source PHP project or 2. I don't have a lot of free time so I wouldn't be able to do much in the way of developing new features but I do really enjoy fixing bugs. I'd like to find a project that anyone can contribute to that has a good web interface for tracking bugs, preferably one where my small contribution could make a difference.
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Either Drupal or Joomla or one of those community's projects/plugins. Drupal in particular has decent documentation and serious project management tools. Moreover, it's a very mature project, so there's lots to sink your teeth into and likely many opportunities to help out in small ways.
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missmagenta, if you adopt one of my Drupal modules I will give you a hug and tell everyone you're awesome. ;-)
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If you have any interest in a blogging platform that's easily changed into greater things, you might check out Habari. Here's a link to the core bug tracker: Habari Trac.

I'm a core committer, though I spend most of my time working on plugins.
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OpenHatch is a great resource for this, as it has integrated bug tracking support for open source projects that need help. Looking at the PHP page, the MediaWiki project has many bugs that need fixed. Perhaps you would be interested?
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Thirding Drupal.
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