Out of fast, good and cheap, I only need the last two.
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I want a men's cardigan like this one here. But I'd like to pay well south of the listed $168. More parameters follow.

So, I'm not entirely sure how to describe exactly what I want. I want it to be cabled; or to be "coarse" rather than "smooth". No designs, patterns, stripes or zippers. Shawl collar preferred. I have no brand preference, gray or blue are preferred but not mandatory.

This may be a frustratingly nebulous parameter, but I don't want something that looks too "modern". I'm not sure if it's the fit I'm objecting to, but most cardigans I'm seeing in stores are too indie-kid.

I'd rather spend around $80 to $100, but don't let that prevent any suggestions that are more (up to $168) or less.

Is there any internet store, or bricks and mortar store in the Baltimore area that may have what I'm looking for?

Thank you.
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I've got no specific recommendations, but you may want to try searching for "Aran sweaters" or "fisherman's sweaters."
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Land's End (wool blend, $69.50)
Land's End Canvas (cotton, 59.50)
LL Bean Signature (cashmere, $129.50, on sale)

(None of these are cabled, though.)
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JC Penney has a cheap version without the shawl collar.

Lands' End Canvas line has a shawl-collar cardigan but it's ribbed, not cabled.
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Try ebay. I've been buying designer shirts for a small fraction of their retail price.
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Goodwill, or other equivalent store. You can find some nice stuff there for great prices. Or, you could find nothing that fits and have wasted your time. It's really hit or miss. But, at ~$3 for a pair of jeans, it seems worth my time to check. Maybe it's worth yours.
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We get something from Sierra Trading Post almost every month.
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Best answer: Lands' End stuff is usually pretty good, and I agree Sierra Trading Post is a good source. In general for sweaters, I strongly recommend getting a high quality item either on sale or used over buying a cheap one. Cheap sweaters look like crap very quickly (sometimes immediately). A well made sweater can last for years. It's worth investing a little more in. If you don't need it right away, wait until the spring clothing is coming out and get one on clearance.
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Best answer: Duluth Trading makes a couple that definitely skew away from indie-kid, both with and without a shawl collar -
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If you know a knitter, they'd love to make you a custom sweater.
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Response by poster: If you know a knitter, they'd love to make you a custom sweater.

I do, and she doesn't.

There have been some great suggestions. Thank you!
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Sign up for J. Crew's mailing list. I've purchased cardigans from their end of season sales both of the past two years.
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Best answer: Some recent men's-style-blog-love for an Orvis shawl collar.
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