NYC karaoke suggestions for a birthday
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Looking for a place to go out for karaoke next month for my birthday. I've looked through the previous karaoke + nyc tags, but still trying to narrow it down. Suggestions in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens, please!

I'm thinking of starting the evening with dinner downtown, possibly near City Hall. That could change though, depending on the karaoke spot/drinks after.

Looking for a place that is affordable for a couple of hours. We don't necessarily need a private room, but it's probably best, especially if it's $8 and under per person, per hour. This isn't absolutely mandatory, but I'd like a place with a good selection of songs in Spanish if possible. Not just old Julio Iglesias and the Macarena, but a decent to good selection of new and old.

I'm not sure of the group size yet. We're mid 20s-early 30s. Still debating between a Friday or Saturday night.

Karaoke17, Duet, Second on Second, and Sing Sing already being considered from previous AskMes, but opine on those too. It all helps.
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There's a new karaoke place in Astoria, right near the R/M* stop at Steinway Street- Karaoke Shout. They advertise having lots of foreign language stuff. I've only sung in the bar lounge, and I enjoyed it. The place is very sleek and fun.

*I had to look at the map to confirm which trains went there. I like that they've stopped pretending the G ever runs that far into Queens.
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So there's this crazy little place in Chinatown/Little Italy called Asia Roma. (Get it?)

They have a basement that is nearly always pretty empty, and if it's full at all, it's mostly Chinese and Italian businessmen and their ladies. And everyone's just singin' away. Always makes for a really fun and kind of surreal dynamic. I have memories of hanging on an elderly Korean woman like she was my best friend, and singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

They do have a good mix of songs, but please don't think this is upscale by any means. It's pretty much a dive. But it's my favorite.
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I like Karaoke Boho and Second on Second. Karaoke Boho in the West Village is brand new and weirdly empty in the downstairs private room area most of the time, so it'd be great for a party. It's not expensive, the song selection is great, and service was friendly. I went recently with 3 other people for 3 hours and I think we paid about $20 each. Just make sure you call in advance to reserve the room.

I feel Second on Second has a better song selection for my personal tastes (more obscure alternative rock stuff). On the downside, the rooms are a bit grody and get very warm. It's around the same price as Karaoke Boho. I prefer it to Sing Sing in the East Village.
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