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Best Doom 3 single-player mods?

I've unexpectedly landed in the past in a featureless room and find myself with little more than a PC and a copy of Doom 3 to pass the hours until my inevitable demise, but it's frankly not an amazing game and I was wondering what some of the best mods might be for it? Little gameplay tweaks, full overhauls, total conversions, whatever's going - anything that will make it the kickass experience it really should be. I've trawled through all the Doom 3 mod/wad sites and while I recognise some of the words, structurally they are indecipherable. Your recommendations, should they be agreeable, will guarantee I plonk down five bucks for a MeFi account a few years from now.
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Definitely pick up the Duct Tape mod. It allows you to use your flashlight and your weapon at the same time. It's the only one that I've dealt with (and frankly, I hate the game without it).
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Self-links, sorry. It feels like a long time ago, but I made this one to tweak the game so that the monsters would attack one another if you could maneuver in such a way as to get one enemy's projectiles to damage an enemy of another type. This is pretty much how the original Doom worked. If you moved so a shotgun guy was in front of an imp and the imp throws a fireball at you and hits the shotgun guy, he'll turn around and start fighting the imp. Don't know why they didn't have that on by default in D3. Monsters won't attack the same monster type that they are, though (ie an imp won't turn on an imp).

I also made a cool autoshotgun because I hated the mg. There was a version with a red taclight on it but I can't seem to that file right now.

It seemed like HL2 pretty much obliterated the D3 mod scene after that. I'm not sure if any decent big projects came to fruition.
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The Dark Mod is the reason I bought Doom 3. I had technically difficulties so I never finished it and can't vouch for it being good or not. At least it's ambitious.
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Get the recreation of Knee-Deep in the Dead using the Doom 3 engine. The new soundtrack for it is also worth a listen if you like that kind of thing.
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