How to replace the arial on a 2002 Ford Focus?
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How to replace the aerial on a 2002 Ford Focus?

I have a 2002 Ford Focus and the aerial has been snapped off. Normally it would be straightforward to replace it, but the mounting hole is filled with the shaft of the broken aerial and it isn't coming out.

I've successfully fixed it once by soldering a replacement aerial to the shaft of the old one, then covering the whole thing in epoxy glue - but that fix only worked for a few months - the replacement aerial has now fallen off.

I am thinking about fitting a glass mount aerial like this one, but I have no idea how to wire it into the back of the stereo unit. If I take the stereo out (it has those four holes so I think this should be fairly easy) will it be obvious where the aerial leads have to go?

Alternatively, can anyone think of a better way to fix this? I have considered using some type of exotic electrically conductive epoxy resin to fix a replacement aerial back on, but I'd be worried that it would just come loose again.
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Ford Focus Antenna Base Removal
posted by jon1270 at 4:11 AM on August 25, 2010

Ooooh, now that is intriguing! And definitely fally under the category of "a better way to fix this". Thanks!
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Actually, I should amend my question: looking at photos of the antenna base it's clear that I was wrong about the mounting hole being filled with the shaft of the old aerial. What has actually happened is that the mounting screw was snapped off along with the old aerial.
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Update: the instructions posted by jon1270 above worked perfectly. The job that was a 2-hour exercise in frustration last time was a 5-minute fix this time.
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