Cool backpack for boyfriend?
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I am trying to buy a really cool, really high quality backpack for my boyfriend. Must be available for purchase online or in Los Angeles. Any recommendations?

This would be a daypack for lugging around a laptop (though need have a laptop compartment) and other stuff, both everyday and for light travel.

It should also look really cool. Somewhere in between retro preppy and techy streetware skaterishness.

I'd like to stay under $100, but a little above would be okay.

I love the Altadena Works Teardrop, but it's pretty spendy.

The Duluth Standard Daypack nearly fits the bill, but it's a little less designy than I'd like.

Some of the models from the JanSport Heritage Series but they seem a little too Urban Outfittersy and are hard to find online in any variety.

Help! All the other ones I like seem to be available only in, like, Japan!
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Osprey Flap Jack

$90 online looks like
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Timbuk2 makes some cool backpacks in that price range. Their stuff is durable as hell, and always looks cool. Plus: custom colors!
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How about the Maxpedition Monsoon Gearslinger? It's somewhere between techy streetware and paramilitary.
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Spire Volt.
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I have this one from Brooklyn Industries. The photo shows it in its messenger bag guise, but I fold out the straps and use it as a backpack for lugging my laptop around.
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Kanken! Pretty colours!

The site is Euro but the kankens are readily available in the US.
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The Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz Backpack.
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I bought a booq bag a few years ago. Several hundred thousand miles later, it's still in near-perfect condition. Recommended!
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The MEC Megabyte (from Canada but available online) is more techie than preppie. MEC has a bunch of computer backpacks and is located somewhat closer than Japan.

Keen Concordia? Again, more techie.
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Tom Bihn out of Seattle makes great bags that are well-designed and well-made.
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I've bought more than one Burton backpack.
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I got a Camelbak Talon for my go bag that I keep packed for spontaneous trips to wherever-change of clothes, water, flashlight, granola bars, you get the idea. The wife has a smaller version for the same stuff. The quality is high, the built in hydration is always a good idea, they fit pretty good and have pockets where you need them and the right size.
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One of these Chrome packs might fit the bill.
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Skate USA has some backpacks in a lower-ish price range, and some of them look pretty cool.

This one has space for a laptop and it's around 90$ USD - looks kinda neat.

This one's more of a plainer style, but it's pretty unique looking and doubles as a handle bag if you want.

All I know is this one's kinda eye-catching.

If you like Japanese backbacks, Blue Lug does shipping over from Japan and they've got some nice stuff.

Nixon bags? They look slick.

(I'll second MEC for quality - got one of their duffel bags I do my hardest to wreck on a daily basis and it still holds up.)
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I'm not totally sure this is what you're going for, but I am a fan of this style of LL Bean backpack. Imo there is no such things as a cool backpack, but these are pretty ok for the price.
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I really like this one

I have no idea about the durability or quality of it, though.
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Nowhere near your price point but a Saddleback backpack will last him a lifetime and get better with age.
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The Timbuk2 H.A.L. is amazing. Sleek, durable, comfy, and it has a sleek little laptop compartment that doesn't interfere with its otherwise massive amount of space. Unfortunately, I didn't find a single store in L.A. that carried it before I left for Bulgaria, but I got one through for a lot cheaper than ordering direct ... and they're having a 20% off sale at the moment, too.

My other choice was the Chrome Marathon. I have it on good authority that they have one in stock at the (otherwise frankly awesome) bike store Orange 20, because I ordered it and they took f**king forever to get it in before I had to finally buy elsewhere in time for my trip. They have a good selection of other bags as well, although they are admittedly rather messenger-focused in their styles.
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Check out the North Face Recon Backpack. It's awesome, stylish, feels like a dream, has a laptop pocket, is super durable, and comes with The North Face's lifetime warranty. I have one. I love it.
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Crumpler bags.

I have two (a laptop messenger and a laptop backpack). Feelings about them? Love.
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My next bag will probably be the BBP Hamptons Hybrid. I saw somebody on Caltrain carrying one and thought, "I have got to get one of those."
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These guys are made in the USA!
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I've had the North Face Borealis backpack for five years now and it still looks brand new. Things I appreciate: waterproof, has the waist strap and chest clip, TONS of storage, works with a Camelbak. The straps are SO comfortable. I don't know if it's cool, but I love my backpack.
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Makr Carry Goods has a pretty sweet backpack that clocks in around $160 - a little above your price point but worth mentioning. Looks like they sold out the white and black versions, but they're taking preorders for the next run and they brown is available.
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This Farm Tactics Nomad Bag, at $130, is also nice.
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