Where to buy a road bike in TO?
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Where should I buy a road bike in Toronto?

This older thread had some recommendations, but focused mostly on used bikes.

I'm pretty sure I want 105 components (ultegra rear derailleur would nice), in the 1500$-2000$ price range. From web searching, I have Cyclemotive, Cycle Solutions and Duke's on my list of potential places, but would appreciate recommendations for/against.
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I like Curbside Cycle on Bloor St (between Spadina and Bathurst).
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Curbside isn't a roadie place. I got my hulking Batavus there.

D'Ornellas is pretty close to me, and they're seriously road and triathlon. Might be a bit of a haul to Lawrence and Pharmacy (ish), tho'.
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The best thing to do is to shop around, since there's a lot of competition in the city.
I'd add Sweet Pete's and Wheels of Bloor (they carry mostly higher end but have a few deals in that range which you can see here) to the list. In my experience, the staff at a few of the stores mentioned here can be pretty abrasive, so it will also give you a chance to see whom it is you'd like to buy from.
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Curbside?!!? Not any worse than any other LBS in this city, but nothing at all to endourse them.

Sadly, MEC is the only game in town.
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Best answer: Sadly, MEC is the only game in town.

Absolutely, completely, ridiculous nonsense.

Toronto has a thriving, diverse network of great bike shops. I wish we had the same in Vancouver.

La Bicicletta is the mecca for roadies in the GTA. No longer affiliated with La Bicicletta in Vancouver. They carry Kuota -- hopefully they'll sell you the Korsa model which is exactly the bike that fits your needs ($1500 whole bike including 105 throughout).

Here is a good list of other Toronto bike shops, though the ones listed mostly cater to urban cyclists (commuters, hybrids, fixies, etc).

Once you have your bike, Urbane Cyclist is pretty much the best for maintenance, repairs and other service (even though they don't specialize in road bikes).
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Crap, gave the wrong link for Urbane Cyclist, this is the correct one.
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What? MEC is far from the only game in town for road bikes in Toronto. They only carry their house brand and have exactly one 105-equipped road bike.

Curbside, on the other hand, doesn't carry road bikes, they concentrate on Dutch bikes and their derivatives.

The three shops in the question and Sweet Pete's are good bets. I see Duke's has a full Ultegra Cervelo S1 on sale for just over $2k, so I bet you could build a 105 S1 for your price range. (Assuming you dig Cervelo, of course, but doesn't every Toronto roadie want to ride the hometown success story?)
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Best answer: MEC as a suggestion is preposterous. Sorry, Chuckles.

My most recent purchase (track bike) was from La Bicicletta. In the past I've purchased from Urbane, Bikes on Wheels, and Trek. My experience with Duke's was so horrible I purposely didn't purchase from them even though at the time they had a bike I wanted. La Bici was my best experience and the only one of those that has a proper fit kit. They are absolutely the premier place for road bikes in Toronto. My only negative with La Bici was that they don't do Phil Woods brand bottom brackets, so I got that done at Urbane (it requires a special tool).

I've been to Sweet Pete's for repairs and the experience was fantastic--I now go there for any maintenance. Urbane's a close second but has a longer turnaround time.
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