Let's hear it for Donna Jean!
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Today is Donna Jean Godchaux's birthday, and I'd like to watch a great YouTube video or three that prominently feature her singing. I'm more interested in her performances with the Grateful Dead or the Jerry Garcia Band than any other bands, though if there's a particularly standout video of another I'd be glad to watch that too. Thanks in advance!

ps: I certainly understand that within the general population there's a great disdain among many for the Dead and related projects, and within the Deadhead community there's a great disdain among many for our dear sweet Donna. If either describes you, this is not the thread for you! Move along now, nothing to see here....

pps: I've already been pointed at this great version of Good Lovin', but there's not enough Donna in it!
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Sorry. I thought about this a lot this afternoon but don't have anything helpful to post. Most/all of 4-27-77 is on YouTube, and it's a fantastic show (I lurve the Estimated!! Keith is doing all sorts of weird and funky note bending, and Jerry plays with great articulation and expression - it's the real deal), but while the band are playing their collective asses off, it's not a real Donna-fest.

I think I'm in tha not-so-silent majority of Deadheads that are not particularly captivated by Donna's singing. I wish her a very happy birthday, but I'm hard pressed to think of a show where she shines, much less one that's on YT. Again, sorry.
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This is most likely what you're looking for.
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I'm in (what feels like) the minority of people who enjoy Donna, even at her worst. But mosk is right with respect to the lack of shows from this period, nevermind shows in which Donna had a great or notable role. I prefer 73-74, myself and I'm not sure there are any '73 shows on video (if anyone has one, email's in the profile :) and I can't think of any Jerry Band videos with her, which is a shame. Regardless, you may wish to try this show as well.
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Not exactly Grateful Dead, but she made a guest appearance with Phil Lesh & Friends during the second set on April 16, 1999 for Bertha, Scarlet Begonias, and Fire on the Mountain. I can't find a video, but I was lucky enough to be there and it was the most fun I've ever had at a jamband show. I can assure you that whatever their opinions of her early-'70s wailing, the crowd was VERY excited to see her onstage that night, and she sounded great.
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