What's the best Google Reader app for the iPad?
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I'm looking for the best Google Reader app for the iPad. I'm will to pay if it's worth it. Any suggestions?
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Best answer: I'm a big fan of Reeder. Great interface, works really well. It's not free, but I use it so much that it was worth it to me to pay.
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In case you didn't see it, here's a post from last week about RSS readers for iOS. Might not necessarily apply to your iPad situation, but I thought I'd toss it out there.
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Reeder, reeder, reeder.
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Best answer: Reeder, hands down. For double-plus awesomeness, get Instapaper for the iPad as well; then you can send longer works into Instapaper for later reading.
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I've spent some time looking for the same thing, but I'm not 100% sure what your criteria are, but I'll tell you what I think.

For a straight up news reader, using safari to go directly to the google site is the best.

If you're offline for a while (commuting, only near wi fi temporarily, etc), I've found NewRack to be pretty decent. It will download the graphics that come with the articles, which I like. However, it takes freakin' ever to download and sync my articles - so long that it's not really usable (it can take longer than a my commute does.)

I used NetNewsWire, but at that time it wouldn't download graphics without an Internet connection (I don't know if that's changed.)

And I also think Instapaper is the greatest thing in the world. It's perfect for the iPad. If I'm unable to access the internet, I just start up Instapaper, and if I have the internet, google reader on the web.
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I'll chime in with another vote for Reeder. Not only is the interface gorgeous, it's also quite functional. Worth it even if you only use it as a technical demo for what your ipad is capable of doing. Two minor issues with it though:

1) It doesn't come with much in the way of instructions -- except for the feeds themselves (and dates/times), the interface doesn't have any text. It'll take some time to figure it all out.
2) This is more of a complaint with Google Reader, but I've found that the rate at which it updates is quite slow for some feeds. Apparently it pulls updates more often for feeds with more subscribers. Makes perfect sense, but is disappointing for those of us who, for example, set up custom feeds on sites like Craigslist.
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I must disagree. I have downloaded (I think) every iPad Google Reader app, and what I still use is: Google Reader mobile. I use it in the iCab browser (which I love because it has adblocking and well-implemented tabbed browsing). One of the key things I like about using the browser is that when I click to read an article, it's already open in the browser where I spend my time; I'm already logged into the site in question (like Metafilter) where I can comment should I choose to; I can quickly flip over into other sites (in other tabs) while I wait for image-heavy posts to load; I can easily share links on FB and Twitter because I'm logged in there too; images load if they're included; and it automatically marks as read those items that I open. Reeder and the other readers do some of those things, but only the mobile browser version keeps me in the browser that I already use for pretty much everything else. All that said, I still try every new app that comes out hoping that someone will improve on the Google Reader mobile experience. So far, nope.
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I used Reeder for awhile, but I prefer Feedler -the UI has more features and is more intuitively laid out than Reeder.
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Reeder is awesome, I've been using it for months now.
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