Pottery for Dummies
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ISO basic ceramics/pottery textbook/handbook.

I'm taking an intro to ceramics class, and I'd like to supplement it with a good reference or textbook. I'm really looking for something along the lines of "for Dummies" books with clear info, definitions of terms, etc. Nice illustrations and photographs would be helpful too!

I want to learn about types of clay, tools, glazes, techniques, etc., and build a good working vocabulary. I'm thinking what I want is a book, but websites, iPhone apps, and other references would be great to know about too. Thanks for your recommendations!
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The book I used 20 years ago in my ceramics class was The Craft and Art of Clay. Not sure if it's still available, but it was a good book. I still own it :)
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I can verify that The Craft and Art of Clay was available when I was in my ceramics program in the early 00's. That being said I never really looked at it, the best way to learn is by doing, and going to see exhibits of shapes you want to try and replicate.
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Clay And Glazes For The Potter and Pottery Form, both by Daniel Rhodes were the two main reference books I used when majoring in Ceramics in the early '80's. I still have both of them, and have seen newly revised and updated versions in the local university bookstore as well as Barnes & Noble. Both were very well-written, copiously illustrated and quite useful.
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I can recommend Basic Pottery Making...bonus...my brother-in-law is the potter featured in the book!
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