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Is it possible to create a fillable PDF form that includes logic? Assume there is a sum calculation with total of $1000.00 If check box = selected, tax=12%, else if check box off, tax =0. If check box is selected, the tax field will show $120.00 and the grand total below it (sum of total + tax) will be $1120.00 If check box is not selected, grand total will be $1000.00 What is needed to do the above? Javascript? Any example will be welcome! BB
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Yes, using Acrobat you can program PDFs with JavaScript. Unfortunately, there have been a lot of security problems with JavaScript in PDFs, so many users, especially in corporate environments, have that function disabled. Also, the script won't work in a lot of non-Adobe PDF readers.
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There's also a simpler programming method called FormCalc. Here's the User Reference [pdf].

Anyway, I believe you'll need to use Adobe LiveCycle Designer to do scripting.
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Anyway, I believe you'll need to use Adobe LiveCycle Designer to do scripting.

No, you can use Acrobat Professional. Not Reader, but the full Acrobat product.

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Alternatively, you could collect the form fields and perform the calculation in JavaScript on a web page, then use the information to dynamically generate the PDF form that's print-ready. The benefit of this approach is that you can easily integrate the workflow with existing data, assuming you have a database?
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