Creative promotion ideas for a conference.
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How do I promote my web design freelance business at a conference I am attending (unrelated to web design)?

I asked a week ago some general questions about promoting myself. Now I have some specific questions. I am going to a conference for aquarium hobbyists in a few weeks, and I thought it might be a good place to get my name in the hands of small businesses. I'm going to do the obvious, and print some business cards, but also looking for some other things I can do. One thing I thought about doing is printing up t-shirts that say something along the lines of "I make web pages" so I can go about enjoying the conference, but also make myself a big advertisement. I'm looking for more ideas and thought the hivemind could help.

I'm not a vendor, and I don't have a table. The conference will consist of talks on the various subject matters, and a vendor room where manufacturers and retailers will have tables set up to show their wares. I'm also on a somewhat tight budget, so only small-ish suggestions please.
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I would try for something more clever than, "I make webpages". I'm sure it would be an awesome aquarium pun, but I can't think of it.
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"I make web pages" is too vague. The point isn't that you make web pages. It's that you:

* Help their customers find them online
* Establish a presence for them online
* Clean up crappy design (use the word "mulm" for bonus fish geek points)

In other words, instead of saying WHAT you do (create web pages) say WHY you do it. Skip right to the benefit to the person who's looking at your shirt.

You can also offer a "show special," like a 10% off discount. This is a great way to encourage people to come up and talk to you, rather than thinking "I'll have to look that guy up" (and not doing it).

If you can afford a special-purpose shirt, your logo plus
Give your customers a place to find you online!
10% off for conference attendees
will do the trick nicely.
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