Black mesh fabric with large holes?
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Where can I find large-holed fishnet/mesh fabric like this?

I love the net shirt worn by this woman, and I'd like to have a dress made of the same fabric. But the search terms are eluding me -- various permutations of "fishnet" only get me lost in a sea of lingerie, and while I suspect this is more of a "mesh" anyway, "mesh" is an even more Googleproof term.

This looks sort of right, but the holes seem small, standard fishnet-scale.

Is this just something I'd have to go to a Japanese vintage store to find? Or is it a common enough fabric (perhaps usually seen in another context from this) and I just need to know the right words?
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I would say that you would want to look for a crochet dress--that's what it reminds me of-or even lace--but give crochet a try first.
posted by agatha_magatha at 1:26 PM on August 17, 2010

Try searching for crochet dress or eyelet dress.

On preview, ditto.
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Google "buy black mesh fabric" for better results. Also try 'net' or 'netting' in place of mesh.
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Response by poster: Huh -- yeah, I could see that being crochet. The only thing is that it doesn't seem to have much thickness to it, and particularly over her stomach it looks like flat cloth with holes punched out. But for all I know, the arms and stomach are different materials/layers.

This does get me closer, thanks.
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It might just be fabric that's been die-cut.
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Try specifying "large gauge" net or mesh; that seems to be the terminology fabric sites that sell net use.
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