how to bypass google chrome's "Warning: Visiting this site may harm your computer!" page?
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how do i bypass google chrome's "Warning: Visiting this site may harm your computer!" page? (ie. put certain sites i frequently visit on a safe white-list of sorts)

i'm pretty surprised there isn't a clear and obvious way to do this... i don't like my browsing habits being interfered like this :(

if there isn't a built-in option in chrome, then perhaps a userscript?

and yes before you ask, i browse safely. i don't use an administrator account when i browse the internet and all my anti-malware software is up-to-date. i've gotten one virus in all my life and i was able to remove it easily.. i don't see why chrome (and i hear firefox too) has to do this..
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Best answer: Are you sure about the pages you want to visit? A site that was once fine can become the host for virii or malware due to exploits on the server side, not intentional malice from the site developers. Google has more information here, which includes this link to changing your Chrome settings.
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Response by poster: thanks for the warning, but yeah i frequent this site too often to have to deal with a warning every time i visit.

so i unchecked 'enable phishing and malware protection' and i don't see the message anymore, thank you! (i still wish there was a way to only add exceptions for certain sites though)
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It's more than likely that the site is indeed infected with malware (or perhaps if the site has banner ads or Flash content, something is infected) that will harm your computer.
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To reiterate what KokuRyu said and having gone through the website malware removal process myself, if it is a site you use often, I would highly recommend you reach out to the website admin to have them clean up their site as Google scans malware infected sites every day to verify it is still infected.

The reason Chrome and Firefox block the pages are for everyone's protection.
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Apparently some people get warnings on all pages, which concerns me for their whole system.
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Response by poster: @dyno04 the site admin is aware and is going through submitting their request to google to get it off the 'unsafe' list, whatever that process entails.

thank you everyone!
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