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Coffee Walnut Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Originally known from David's Cookies, in NYC. Recipe?

Google turns up a recipe reference on a dead site, the cache only returns search pages, not the recipe. Anyone have the recipe or a link? A very fond memory! Coffee-flavored dough, walnuts, and chunks of dark chocolate. YUM!
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If you're willing to experiment a little, try another chocolate chunk cookie recipe, and switch out the pecans for walnuts. Take a tablespoon (or maybe 2) of either instant coffee or instant espresso powder and mix it in with the milk.
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Wow, I remember those, they were really something. Here's a David's style recipe for a different flavor of cookie. My guess is that this Mrs Fields mocha chunk cookie will be close, but I haven't made this one myself, I usually stick with the chocolate chunk ones, the ones that have the ground oatmeal in them.
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Have you tried the wayback machine? It might have stored the dead site.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help! Squeak, thanks to your pointing out the Wayback Machine, I discovered is a restrictive site. So I accessed this via an American portal and got through.

Whether the site is over-trafficed or not letting non-American IPs through, I can't say. But now I have that recipe.

anapestic: Great idea, but the recipe I finally managed to get would seem to indicate it would take 1/2 cup instant coffee to flavor that much dough! I had expected to simply try adding instant coffee powder to the traditional Tollhouse recipe, but I was clueless how much coffee to use.

Now I need to hunt down a site with good details on converting American volume measurements into convenient weight measurements. Baking gets complicated when having to convert some ingredients between what's available in different countries PLUS the measurement differences. I loath using measuring cups for dry ingredients (and fat), now that I've learned the way the rest of the world does it.
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Response by poster: Follow up:
Word! 1/2 cup of darker, more intense instant coffee is twice what is good! Sure smelled great, but the cookies are too strong in the coffee department. Mind, I'm using the recipe from, so the batch is half the size, so it was not an expensive and painful lesson. Instead I get to make another batch :-))
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