Art Deco Switchplate
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Where can I find more switchplates like this? It's metal, something heavy, so not aluminum. Kinda art-deco style.
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Those are cast iron filigree switch plates. A quick image search turned up this Etsy listing (in particular, this image from that listing shows a switch plate that appears to be identical to yours). The seller says that they are currently on vacation, but will be returning September 1st. Perhaps you can contact them when they return -- their old Etsy listing indicates that they had additional stock.
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Is it this one?
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Rejuvenation might have something similar.
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Try Liz's Antique Hardware in LA.
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The pattern in this gold coloured one is close.
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I believe if you search for "architectural salvage" you might find something.
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For what it's worth, IMHO, that style isn't art deco but art nouveau. The give away is the curvy, peirced work with a flower and vines motif. Art deco would be less organic and more geometric/abstract/modern.

why yes, I have been watching a lot of Antiques Roadshow.
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Thanks for the responses. I'll see what pans out.

sbutler: thanks for the correction.
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