BEST Eats in Vegas?
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Help me plan a dream weekend in Vegas for a Foodie's 40th birthday!!

My husband will be 40 soon, I want to take him to Vegas for a long weekend. We are both major foodies so I want this to be the culinary dream tour!! I need to start planning and making reservations now but I need some guidance. Where to stay? ( The Wynn or Venetian? or Bellagio?) Which of the many 5 star restaurants are NOT to be missed? I'd like to be there for 4-5 days and have a reservation for a top restaurant for every night. He's a big chef groupie so I'd like to stick with the big names at night, we can do the off the beaten path places for lunch. And, which is the best place to stay. Please give me any advice, tips, neat things to do during the day, etc. Money is not an issue, this is the big 40th!!

Posted anon cause he cruises mefi sometimes. Thanks all!!
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I've heard good things about Lotus of Siam. One of the best-regarded Thai restaurants in the U.S. It's not the on the Strip though, but rather in some dingy strip-mall.
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If you have more money than you know what to do with, then Guy Savoy and Joel Robuchon are the places for you -- lots of other French places but those two are the top of the mountain, where you will have the meal of a lifetime.

For other famous chefs there's Nobhill and Michael Mina (both Michael Mina), Bradley Ogden, Bouchon (Thomas Keller), Nobu, Craftsteak (Tom Collichio), Fleur de Lys (Hubert Keller), Mesa Grill (Bobby Flay). Probably lots of others I can't think of off the top of my head.

Also, do strongly consider Lotus of Siam. Not fine dining, but some would say it's the best Thai restaurant in the US.
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I just had dinner at Robuchon's L'Atelier, and it was quite good.
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Previously asked. We chose Bouchon. It was amazing.
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Try City Center (the new development on the strip.) Afternoon tea in the 23rd storey Chinese Tea Room in the Mandarin or dinner (same site) in Twist
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Video of same
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Bouchon is indeed amazing, but Robuchon is the only Michelin 3 star in Vegas, and one of only very, very few in the entire country. You could do far worse than that, if it's within the budget. I would recommend Bouchon for brunch, actually...phenomenally good.
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For Sunday brunch at a similar foodie weekend, we did Simon at Palms Place. Highly recommend. (From my mobile, sorry for lack of link.)
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I stay at the Wynn -- and love it. Its focus is less on the gaming and more on the food, entertainment, etc. Steve Wynn's newest resort, Encore opened next door and is connected via a shopping mall. Great food -- Wynn and Encore Dining.

As "foodies," you should also grab breakfast at the Tropical Breeze Café at the Flamingo. It's famous for its "egg men," as per this New Yorker profile.

In addition to what's been mentioned above, consider Charlie Palmer's Aureole (with its stunning wine tower) and Alain Ducasse's Mix.
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I've been to Bouchon several times, it's great- be sure to try the cocktail called "Nirvana", it's fantasic! If Robuchon is a 3-star Michelin restaurant you're morally required to go there. I also enjoyed Areole (sp?) at Mandalay Bay the one time I went with a large group, home of a nice prix fixe and a 4-story wine selection.

I wouldn't recommend the Venetian to stay at; although the rooms are quite nice, and the facilities spectacular to walk through, their gambling floor is the worst I've played on the strip. If you don't gamble, though, then you might like it. If you're willing to splurge, get a lake side room at the Bellagio, which is my sentimental favorite casino at which to stay or to gamble. The Wynn is probably nice, but I can't help but think of it as little more than "Bellagio in chocolate brown".
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This blog, Eating Las Vegas, should be able to give you tips & pointers others might miss.
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Sage in Aria was my favorite meal of my most recent trip. Get some pastries at Jean Phillipe in Bellagio. I found the rooms and pool areas nicer at Wynn/Encore than at Bellagio.
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The Las Vegas board at Chowhound is a good bet.

I always appreciate that the Chow board have very timely reports from foodie diners who can tell you how the premiere spots are faring right now, today (nothing worse than picking a four-star based on a year-old review only to get there and learn that the whole kitchen staff has turned over and the menu has suffered).
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On Tuesday night, I had the Taste of Wynn menu at Bartolotta, which was amazing. I'd go back for the full menu in a heartbeat. It was wonderful--the seafood is flown in from Italy.

Lotus of Siam is very, very good, but it's not completely astonishing to anyone who's had good Thai food before. If you're there for a week, it's worth it, but not for a shorter visit.

We stayed at both the Wynn and the Encore within the last 3 weeks, and the Encore is very nice. We got great deals through Trip Advisor, too.
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I came in here to suggest Robuchon and Guy Savoy. Vegas has a growing reputation for having outposts of world renowned restaurants. These two are... well, they're basically the two main points of the culinary Hajj to Vegas.
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Lotus of Siam has not been good lately. I don't know what happened, maybe they lost some of their staff when they remodeled. I agree with everyone who has been saying Robuchon and Bouchon. Seriously good.

There's a new cafe/chocolate place at the forum shops: Max Brenner - it's fun and the presentation is pretty nice. Rosemary's is good, but it is not on the Strip.
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I'll nth Bouchon as well and say if the weather cooperates, you can eat outside. It is on the opposite side of the hotel from the strip so everything is calm and peaceful. It is the antidote to the sights and sounds of the strip. Perfect to enjoy great food and great service.
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For the best thai food that I've ever had: Lotus of Siam. Off the strip but fantastic!
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You've gotten lots of restaurant recommendations, so I'll add a hotel suggestion. People always forget that there's a Four Seasons on the strip. It's a lovely hotel and the service is refined and efficient.
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Try Makino sushi.
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Robuchon, all the way. I haven't eaten there yet, but my brother has. He said it was literally, the best meal he's ever had, which means better than the French Laundry or any of the Ducasse restaurants. It is the only time he has ever gotten up in the middle of a meal to purge, Ancient Roman-style, just so that he could continue eating.

I've heard good things about Mandalay Bay's new all-suite hotel which is rather annoyingly called THEhotel.
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