iTunes plug-in to auto-detect BPM
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Does anyone know of an iTunes plug-in that will auto-detect the BPM of all songs BMP and add it to the file's ID tags in iTunes?

I've tried BPMer and iTunes-BPM already, but both plugins seems not to run stable enough or results in strange errors.
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You've seen this page already, I assume?

Totally reliable BPM detection is pretty difficult, as I understand it.
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MixedInKey will do this. As the name suggests it will also tell you the key of each song (useful if you would like to try making a playlist according to harmonic mixing rules). It is not particularly designed for iTunes ingegration but it can write the information to somewhere like the comments field in your tags so that iTunes can pick this up.
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Response by poster: @Mike1024: Yes, I stumbled upon this page and tried some of the software. Most of the bpm-detectors are out of date and not working properly (meaning adding the information to iTunes not in the right way or corrupt existing data....)
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Response by poster: @MixedInKey: thanks for the tip. For the really professional dj's this seems to be a good piece of software. But only for the bpm-thing it seems to be a bit too much.
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Response by poster: @markx2: I will try the demo. Let's see.
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Response by poster: I found and that tool is made for cleaning up and analyze your iTunes collections, including BPM-detection. I will give it a try.
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Best answer: I DJ on occasion, and I've used beaTunes for both BPM and Key detection, I've been pretty pleased with the results.
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Late to the conversation, but Serato Scratch Live is free to download and detect bpm/write tags, using the analyze files feature. You can even set a range for the BPM finder, so your happy hardcore and chopped & screwed tracks are not half or doubletimed. (Note that you won't be able to use it to dj without the $400 usb interface)
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