Picture phone for elderly/senior products in Los Angeles
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Picture phones for the elderly and places to buy them in Los Angles?

My grandmother has trouble with her vision and is starting to get dementia, and so we're looking for good solutions that would let her call various members of the family without having to press multiple buttons. (And ideally, where those buttons are extremely large and clear). Cordless would be nice but corded is ok. Cell phone reception is bad in her house so land lines are preferred. Anyone have any recommendations or expirience with this stuff? Also looking to get this asap, so advice as to places to go in Los Angeles (studio city area even better) would be appreciated.
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It sounds like you want something like this Geemarc AmpliPhoto. I don't know who sells it in LA, but you could call Harris Communications at (800) 825-6758 and ask them to help you find it in the area.

You might also call Weitbrecht Communications in Santa Monica, too; they have a Clarity PhotoPhone on their site. They're at 9th and Colorado in Santa Monica; not sure if it's an actual storefront, call 'em Monday morning and ask.

Fry's, sadly, only has the Clarity P300 via their website (here), or I'd just tell you to go there.

Amazon has both the Geemarc and the Clarity for $37 each. The Clarity has the regular phone keypad *and* the photo buttons, while the Geemarc only has photo buttons.
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