Please recommend restaurants and coffee shops in Louisville, KY
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I'm looking for good but not expensive restaurants in Louisville; also coffeehouses that offer wifi.

A Mefi-familiar friend (no, really!) asked me to post this question, as he wasn't able to do it himself. He is off to Louisville for a week to help out a friend in need. He would like recommendations for restaurants ("nice but not pricey") and coffeehouses with wifi.

I'll send him the links to these other questions, but since those are less specific and/or older than this question, I'll forge ahead and post it as well.

Thank you!
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Kashmir in the Highlands. Windy City (formerly Queenie's) in South Central. Safier's over on Theater Square.
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Sunergos on Preston and Atwood is excellent.
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Java Brewing Company is a local coffeehouse with several locations, including one on Frankfort Ave that I frequent. It's the kind of place where no one will care if you just buy a cup or two but linger for hours with your laptop. Highly recommend.

Nice but not pricey, hmmm...hard to answer without knowing his definition of "pricey," but I'll take a stab at it:
- Cafe Classico on Frankfort Ave looks and feels pricey, but it's really not. Panini are around $8.50, and you can do half-orders (which are filling but won't result in leftovers for lunch the next day) that cost around $8. My husband and I eat there on a regular basis. Dinner for two (with each of us getting a half-order), plus 3 Abbey de Leffe Blondes and gelato, was $35 last night including tax but not tip.
- Maido on Frankfort Ave - great sushi place with lots of smaller items that range from about $3-8. Menu:
- Cumberland Brew on Bardstown Rd - local beer, plus good food, too. Much better than your typical "bar food" fare
- Third Avenue Cafe - close to downtown. Lots of vegetarian options and a laid-back, hippie-ish kind of vibe.
- If he feels like venturing across the river, La Rosita in New Albany is by far the best Mexican food you can find in this area. It's a hole in the wall place on a neighborhood street in a dumpy town in Indiana, but it's so, so worth it. Also reasonably priced if you're just getting food.
- Vietnam Kitchen - south of downtown and absolutely delicious.
- Papalino's - awesome New York-style pizza place on Bardstown Rd

There is just so much amazing food to be had in Louisville, it's hard to make suggestions without a few parameters, but I hope this helps at least a little!
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Seconding Java on Frankfort for wifi/coffee.

Also, Bank St. Brewhouse in New Albany is awesome, with amazing and fair priced food and drink.

There are SO many good, cheap food options in Louisville, it's hard to make a list. I'll chime in later with a few suggestions.
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A few more ideas...great Thai at Simply Thai off of Lexington Rd, but they're pretty busy on weekend nights and closed on Sunday.

Come Back Inn is a great Germantown spot, but unless your friend knows his way around Louisville or has GPS, chances are he isn't gonna find it. Entrees at Come Back are around $8-10.

The Grape Leaf - on Frankfort, near the aforementioned Cafe Classico. Tasty Mediterranean food. They don't serve alcohol, if it matters. They're open 7 days a week.

Good breakfast spots:
- Toast on Market - getting a little trendy these days, but it's still tasty and my favorite breakfast entree is only $5.25. Not open on Mondays.
- Barbara Lee's Kitchen - a straightforward, no-frills greasy spoon
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Coffee shops:

- Highland Coffee on Bardstown
- Quills Coffee on Baxter
- Java Brewing Company on Frankfort
- Sunergos Coffee on Preston
- Heine Brothers Coffee everywhere

There is no reason to go to Starbucks, ever, in Louisville.


- BBC has several locations around the city
- Cumberland Brews on Bardstown
- La Que (Thai) on Bardstown
- Santa Fe (Mexican) on S. 3rd St
- The Fish House near Barret and Grinstead/Winter/Oak
- Franks Produce (Deli, but cheap and awesome) on Preston. Closes at 5
- El Mundo (Mexican) on Frankfort
- Baxter Station (pub food) on Payne
- The Back Door (is a bar, but cheap/decent food) on Baxter
- Osaka (sushi) on Frankfort
- The Irish Rover on Frankfort (bit more pricey, $8-10)
- Nancy's Bagels (Frankfort and 4th St.) for bagels/coffee
- La Bamba (diner burritos) on Bardstown
- Ramsi's Cafe (misc food) on Bardstown (also $8-10)
- Swan Dive on Swan St for vegetarian food

Shoot me a message if you need more I guess.
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Response by poster: My friend adds:

"We are far east of louiseville almost in Oldham county nearest to Crestwood.

"Pricey for us is above 20 a plate."

Thanks, everyone! Please keep the comments coming.
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OK, that changes things somewhat. I used to live in that area - I was about 2 miles from the county line, and I grew up in Crestwood. If they're that far east, it's somewhat more difficult to find non-chain restaurants, which is where I prefer to eat if possible. Here are a couple of ideas:

- Selena's at Willow Lake Tavern - fried green tomatoes & frog legs! They serve mostly seafood & cajun-inspired dishes (gumbo, jambalaya, red beans & rice, various seafood plates). Menu here:
- The Village Anchor in Anchorage - tastiest damn reuben you've never had. Dinner is somewhat pricier - entrees range from 9-15 (with 2 outliers around $35). Menu here:
- Mojito's - a tapas restaurant that serves Cuban & Spanish-inspired small plates. Great for sharing or trying out several tasty dishes.
- Big Ben Cafe in Norton Commons - so. freaking. tasty. Panini, wraps, & flatbread pizzas, among other things. They also have many vegetarian options. They make this one wrap that's got this cumin-flavored yogurt spread and rice that I am craving so hard right now. I know I'm not doing it justice, but it's delicious.
- There are also some restaurants in a part of town called Prospect, which is not far from where they are, but I rarely go there. I do like eating at the Bristol, which has a Prospect location, and serves pasta, salads, sandwiches, steak, and some seafood. Their green chili wontons are to die for. Menu here:
- Karem's is a deli in Norton Commons that serves a good breakfast. Ask for the Sit Down & Shut Up and you'll get a big plate of whatever the chef decides to serve you.
- Neat local restaurants in Crestwood, if they venture out there: the Red Pepper (fabulous deli!), or Arbor Ridge Vine & Grill are worth a look-see.
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I just want to pipe in to say that I don't think that Kashmir on Bardstown Rd is at all exemplary for Indian food in Louisville.

But Ramsi's, also on Bardstown Rd, which has already been mentioned, is my default restaurant for out-of-towners. I have never eaten anything there that hasn't been fabulous.
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