Skin care in my thirties
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My skin's celebrating its birthday this week!

I turn 31 this week, and perhaps I'm imagining it, but all of a sudden I see a tiny fine line under my eyes where previously there wasn't one.

My skin is, thankfully, predominantly problem-free: normal skin, a few rare blackheads, and PMS-related zits. The only minor problem is visible pores at certain times during the day on either side of the bridge of my nose. As a result, my skin care routine is somewhat minimal: Neutrogena Acne Wash twice a day (I don't have acne, but I've been using it for years and haven't experienced excessive dryness), Clean & Clear astringent twice a week, and apricot face scrub a couple times a week.

I'd like some ideas as to what products/ activities I can incorporate into my routine that can keep my skin radiant/ healthy as I move into my thirties. There are so many anti-wrinkle and skin-brightening products on the market these days that I'm pretty much overwhelmed when I go shopping for them. While price is not an object, I'd rather spend money on reliable products that have visible results - and I do realize that results vary individually, but personal anecdotes are always valuable.

Thanks for your help!
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I should add that I have olive skin, and stay out of the sun for the most part. My moisturizer is a basic Aveeno Daily moisturizer, and I don't really add any more SPF on top of that... not sure if that is necessary for my skin.
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Here is a list of the products recommended by my dermatologist. I use the SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum twice a day and prescription Retin-A every few days. This routine essentially erased whatever tiny fine lines I may have noticed around my eyes. I use sunscreen (SkinMedica Environmental Defense) religiously, on my face as well as on my décolleté and hands (these areas give away age faster than the face) – while other cosmetics are hit and miss, at this point sunscreen is the only thing that pretty much guarantees I will look good ten years from now.
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Olay products are just as good as the expensive ones you get at Sephora (JMHO). I use Olay Pro-X with SPF 30 for daytime. Alpha Hydrox brand makes good products, too; I use their Souffle at night. You don't have to go splash out on $100 serums made from orchid extract and goldfish livers, really!

Retinol is great for youthful skin; you want to go to a derm and get the prescription strength, ideally. And you might have to build up your skin's tolerance to it.
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I've had really good luck with the Oil Cleansing Method. Castor oil and olive oil = happy skin for me.

The idea is that the castor oil draws out the impurities. This is similar to your cleanser or astringent. The problem with those is that your skin feels dry, so it creates more oil to compensate. Bad. Castor oil and olive oil, though, are closer to your skins own natural oils, so it cleanses/extracts and moisturizes at the same time.

YMMV, but I'd recommend giving it a try if you're looking to give your skin a surprise party.
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To cleanse my skin I use Cetaphil for normal/oily skin (although my skin tends towards sensitive/dry, but this product suits my skin very well). I top it off with a cheap drugstore Vitamin E moisturiser with SPF 15. Sometimes I use a little mineral makeup during the day and cleanse it off in the evening with cold cream cleanser and tissues, followed up with a Cetaphil wash to get rid of any residue.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum is the elixir of youth, as far as I'm concerned. I slather it on before I go to bed. Recently I've ramped up my skin care by adding a little Vitamin C serum (which I make myself using L-ascorbic acid bought on eBay and an easy-peasy recipe using 3 ingredients - water, the Vit-C powder and glycerin).

Most importantly of all, I don't smoke and I don't sunbathe.

I'm now in my 50s and my skin looks great. Here I am last October, wearing no makeup at all.
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I can't see where you are, but in the UK, Space NK is considered a go-to place for high end skincare. Worth a browse, anyway, even if you're not in the UK.

Mrs MM swears by Darphin's moisturizers.
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I recommend that you read Paula Begoun's articles Skin Care Solutions for Wrinkles and Sun Damage and The 5 Things Your Anti-Wrinkle Products Must Contain. She does a great job of explaining the causes of wrinkles and discolourations and the ways to prevent/fight them.
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