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Where can I source a high-res map of Europe with postcode areas marked?

I need to find a high-res map of Europe which shows postcodes and their boundaries.
It's for a publication and I'm willing to pay, but can't find any good sources.
I'd want to download the map in pdf, psd or jpg format.
Thanks for your help.
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I don't even know if such a map exists (or it it's realistically possible, for that matter): every country has its own set of postcodes, and they vary with state, region, city and, in larger cities, districts and even single neighborhoods.
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Sort of like this?
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Good lord, it would be enormous.

In the UK, for example, a typical postcode is town (e.g. BA = Bath), area (1 or two digit number), sub area (1 digit number), street/organisation (two letters), i.e. Bath Spa is BA1 1SJ.

You could take it up to an area like BA1, or BA1 1, but even for the UK alone you're talking about a pretty big map.

There is a free map here.
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A dutch website sells maps with the first two characters of the postcode. For high resolution and more positions, you're probably looking at GIS data, for instance the 6PP dataset for the Netherlands. Very expensive, it's around €80.000 for the Netherlands alone!
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public's link does sell the UK postcode map in PDF or GIF format, so you should probably inquire if they do the same for the Europe one that they sell printed.
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I know some countries' post codes are unique for an area as small as a few buildings on a street. Therefore a map showing this level of detail would be huge in print (like Steve Wright's "Scale: 1 mile = 1 mile." map of America).
An electronic version of this map would be similar to licensing each country's GPS map, which I reckon would be very expensive for non-personal (publication) use.
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Response by poster: Hi - Thanks so much for the suggestions.

Just to be clear - I need a map with two-character codes and their boundaries.

For example, in the UK, it would show the KY, CA, NE areas, etc, while in France it would show 22, 35, 72, that kind of thing.

Thanks once again.
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