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Where online would French-language bloggers hang out?

I have a (free) service/idea to pitch to people blogging in the French language. It's not intense enough that I'd want to take out an ad or anything like that. Ideally, there would be a forum or message board-- some sort of community-- where I could just post a low-key message that a bunch of bloggers would see. Any ideas? My French is fluent, so language barrier isn't a problem.

(If you're a MeFi user reading this and you blog in French, feel free to hit me up! I'm looking to contemporaneously translate a blog FR-->EN for practice on a free basis, with the understanding that it's not yet professional-level quality.)
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Response by poster: Thanks very much for the response, alex, but I'm not looking for specific blogs; rather, places where bloggers would gather and be able to see a message or idea proposal. Like, in my Platonic internet, there would be a site called French Bloggers' Message Board or something.

(The proudly-displayed naked guy on the banner image of Les Inrocks' main site sure illustrates a difference between French and American media! yikes.)
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Best answer: IIRC there is a community meeting every month in Paris for Parisian bloggers -- AFAIK they don't meet online otherwise. Can you travel? :)
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Best answer: Bloggers don't really hang out on forums "for bloggers" in English OR in French. You could try finding some French technology forums, but blogging is so simple I'm sure the majority of bloggers never visit them. Perhaps you could try some general-interest forums, or think of a topic that is popular amongst bloggers-- off the top of my head, cooking or motherhood-- and find a relevant forum. Here's a big list of the most active French forums.
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