Get Me to a Dermatologist!
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NYC dermatologist recommendation?

Does anyone have a good derm in NYC in general or Brooklyn in particular? Bonus points if they take GHI insurance, but no worries if they don't. Thanks!
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Response by poster: Please feel free to Memail if you prefer.
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Try Michelle Hanjani at Columbia Dermatology Associates. I've been very happy with her.
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The absolute BEST doctor I have ever been to in 40 years of life is my dermatologist. Grace Pak. Not only is she polite and intelligent, she treats you as an intelligent person and explains things as if she were having a conversation between equals. On top of that, she sits down and looks you in the I with no sense of eagerness to get you over with so she can get on with the next patient. I have always felt like I was the ONLY person in the office that day based on the amount of unhurried attention she gives me. I've told her repeatedly that I wish she was a GP.
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