Panties That Stay Put On Big Bottomed Girls
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Co-worker claims no style of panties she has tried will stay put on her big bottom--have you found a particular brand and style that works?

She says there are the typical problems: panties ride up into wedgies or they're so high-waisted that they come up out of the back of her pants. Does anyone out there have any experience with a brand (more so than a style, she claims to have tried all styles, but your insight on that is appreciated as well) that has fit them well, as an apple-bottomed girl?
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This is almost certainly a size issue.
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OK, to elaborate: in my experience, there are few types of underpants that will not behave themselves if purchased in the right size. That may not hold, it being my experience, but all my uncomfortable underpants are the ones I fooled myself into buying in the wrong size.
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I am petite but rockin' junk in my trunk and I like Gap undies. No riding because they don't stretch much. Tell her to stay away from "ultra low rise" anything because it gets too low if you're curvy, including the Gap "ultra low rise" hipsters. I like their hipsters, bikinis and thongs.
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Also tell her not to waste her time on Target/Xhilaration and Old Navy undies. They're cheap but they streeeeeetch all out of shape.
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Lands End hip briefs!
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This question is somewhat bizarre to me. No low-waisted styles come out of the back of my pants, so that's just a non-issue for me. I find it difficult to believe that properly-fitting low-rise underwear show with properly fitting low-rise pants.

Similarly, the majority of styles of the majority of brands of underwear don't ride up on me. Boyshorts are the only style that generally do ride up- bikinis are my favorite style of underwear, but really anything that fits right is comfortable and doesn't ride up. Maybe she needs to go up a size or two?
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why not boyshorts?

i like the ones they sell at target. i hate the ones at victoria's secret.

and yes, yes, yes to chesty_a_arthur. tell her to buy the next size up, even if she's super duper sure there's no way she's 'size+1'.
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Is this where I tell the internet what kind of underpants I wear? Sigh...

I have what I would classify as a generous amount of butt. I'm not sure what your co-worker's dealing with, but I once had a homeless man tell me I have "an ass like a woman," so take from that what you will.

The best, most comfortable style of underwear I have ever owned is the Victoria's Secret Hipster/Hiphugger available here.

They're low-rise, so they never peek out over my pants. The rare wedgie happens, but since a minimal amount of fabric is used (i.e. there's not enough underpant to fully cover the buttcheeks), any wedgie discomfort is trivial and easily remedied. The fabric is really soft and the seams are small, so they're also extremely comfortable. They're also cute, which is a plus.

In second place is this style, which has no visible seams and grippy material to keep them in place. If they were made primarily of natural fibers they'd be my #1 choice.
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It may be a matter of her individual body shape and where she's buying her panties. Especially on larger figures, there's a lot more variables. I've been pretty happy with boy shorts - especially when wearing skirts - because they tend to stay put. She should also check out Cacique, One Stop Plus and Bare Necessities. A proper style and a proper fit can make a great difference. If she's really stuck for something that fits, underwear is also surprisingly easy to sew if you just need to be covered.
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I swear by the mesh hipsters from Old Navy. I found them when I read this post about underwear on Mighty Girl.
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I love the Holistia underwear from Nordstrom. Not too expensive, they last forever and they're super comfy for those of us with some junk in the trunk.
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I find that I have to size down in most undies labeled "cheeky" or "hipster" because they tend to be really loose in the butt on me. Maybe they'd work for her? I know there's a Gap style in particular that does this (maybe the girl short?) but I can't recall which one off the top of my head.

Those styles are often cut to be a little more revealing in back, which might not be desirable, but they usually don't have tight elastic at the leg openings like bikinis do, so they don't pinch or ride up.
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If she doesn't mind going to the fat girl store, I have to say that I am majorly impressed with Cacique from Lane Bryant. They are cute and they last and they stay put and they are affordable (I always wait until they are 5 for $25 and then try to look for the $15 off coupon.)

If she's plus size or a tweenie, Cacique.
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Tell her to try Hanes bikinis, esp. those that say "No Ride Up!" in the description.
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Jockey for Her string bikini -- check the reviews, re. staying put on the bum
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I have a not insignificant rumpus, and I've had the best luck with this brand's low rise briefs. I buy them at Winner's, so I imagine you could get them at T.J. Maxx in the U.S. They fit beautifully and don't give me the dreaded VPL (which many Gap undies most certainly do).
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32-24-39 here. I have a ginormous rear end compared to the rest of me, and also have problems finding underwear to fit.

So far, the best thing I've found is the extra-low rise hipster from Pink (an offshoot of Victoria's Secret). It's low enough that it doesn't stick out the top of my trousers, but not so low that I feel like I have plumber's butt. The bottom edge doesn't ride up; they stay wedgie-free all day.

I've also had good luck with the 5-for-$15 hipsters from Target -- the ones in the big cardboard displays.

For me, boyshorts are the absolute WORST possible thing. I've tried probably a dozen different brands, and they all end up in a big wadded wedgie (usually with wrinkles of extra material in the fronts as well).
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I have a big can and I swear by these Hanes Low Rise Briefs.

I thought the "No Ride Up" claim was malarkey, but figured I'd try it out since they're only 6 bucks for 3 pair. They really don't ride up! At all!

I used to wear boy shorts to avoid the half-moon pantyline I hate to see on other women, but they always rode up. These briefs have the half-moon seam a little lower so it doesn't show.
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Jockey for Her string bikini

I used to wear this exact kind back when my mom policed my underwear choices (white cotton only!). I had major problems. They rode up in back, gave me wedgies (not just any wedgies, but two full cheeks of heavy cotton into the crack), and the elastic fell apart way too fast. I do not recommend.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the fantastic answers so far. She's already messaged me to say:

1. they are saying i am wearing the wrong size, but a large is too small to cover my cheeks and an extra large covers my cheeks but crawls up my back.

2. those that they suggest (like bikinis) are fine until they make a wedgie and then the panties come up my back.

3. boy shorts come too high up my backside and my band shows, but more importantly, they roll up my thighs and make a line mark on both of my legs. then i have this weird line you can see through my pants. it adds a layer of ring around the fat on my saddlebags.

maybe we should stress that i have a shelf-like apple bottom. you could feasibly rest a pack of gum on it.

So there you go. She's pretty petite above the waist, but I think for good panties she would definitely head into a Lane Bryant. Man, I told her this was the place for answers/helpful suggestions. Thanks so far, all!
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as an answer to #3 - that's absolutely a size issue. if they were the right size, they wouldn't roll up.

maybe her pants are too low rise for her booty? maybe that's why all the panties come up "too high" - because that's the area her pants should be covering.
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also: don't buy panties that are small/med/large/x-large - buy panties that are 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 - etc.
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I've finally resigned myself to spending $10 a pair on good underwear after years of cheaping out with the cotton 3-packs that never fit right. I have had the best luck with the Victoria's Secret Seamless Hiphugger. They are cut low enough not to show with pants, they rarely wedge up, have minimal panty lines, and they stay where they are supposed to in front rather than rolling down under my belly like most other styles and brands I've tried.
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I gave up on bikinis and hipsters and boyshorts and now wear only thongs. (Yeah, yeah, TMI.) I have a very generous tushie and ample hips to go with it and anything with actual coverage on the seat that wasn't cutting into my thighs was guaranteed to crawl up my crack. (Again, TMI.) For me it was not a size issue -- going up a size made things worse because there was more fabric to crawl up; going down a size meant that, if they didn't crawl up, you could see where the elastic was cutting into the sides of my thighs through my clothes. (That's a very attractive look, let me tell you.)

Thongs took a while to get used to, I'll admit. But I never have problems with them. I prefer Hanky Pankies, which are spendy at Macy's and other department stores but which can sometimes be found on super sale (Nordstrom's lingerie sale is a great time to stock up, and I recently got 4 pair on Rue La La for $10 each).
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(can't believe I'm saying this on the web)

I use Bali "Barely There" (from Kohls or JCPenney). They current version I'm using are the "High Cut" (refers to the cut on the hip/leg...not Bikini, not Brief, not boyshort) and they don't have a separate waistband. Rather, they have an elasticized design near the top that holds them up. I think they might be also called low cut, but I'm not sure. They definitely do not come up past my waistband of my pants. They seem to cover well, and while the top part tends to creep below the fat roll I have on the front (nothing I can do about that except lose the fat roll), they don't ride up or peek out of my pants as long as I'm wearing the right size. Size is important...I bought some a size too small and they creep into my butt, especially if my pants are snug.

Also...never put them in the dryer. Bad things happen in the dryer.

I'm also wondering if she has the right size pants. Not trying to be judgmental, but not everyone needs to be wearing low rise pants (I know I avoid them as much as possible because they just don't work well on me). Most pants that I find that aren't labeled low rise wind up being lower rise on me (they tend to be labeled "sits just below natural waist)...if I try on some that are labeled low rise, they are TOO low and my stuff is not covered fully.

I think she should go into a good lingerie shop where people know how to fit women and talk to someone. Have her wear or bring in some pants and undies that she has the most trouble with so they can mix and match and see what's going on. She may just have to do a lot of experimenting.
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I agree with devinemissk that she should try thongs. I never, ever thought I'd put one on my big butt. However, I've been wearing them for the last year and they're so much more comfortable than the granny underwear I was wearing. Less fabric means less area that has to be sized correctly, and it's so nice to get rid of all that extra material on a hot day.
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please be careful with thongs. they get referred to as a bacteria train car by some people because they have a tendency to create UTIs and yeast infections.
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Best answer: I have enough badonkadonk that skirts regularly are 2-3" longer in the front than the back. the ONLY brand of undies that works for me is Jockey Formfit in the french-cut style, which mysteriously fits me more like low-rise briefs. They're 100% cotton, which I love. I can't find them everywhere, but they are my Underpants of Choice.
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Best answer: I have checked my underwear drawer and can confirm that the "ultra low rise girl shorts" from the Gap are the butt-friendly ones I was thinking about. Despite their name, the rise is not ultra low.

As for the comment on boy shorts - "they roll up my thighs and make a line mark on both of my legs" - I have had that exact problem with styles that extend down the leg, but never with the Gap shorts, so I'd still recommend them in that light.
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please be careful with thongs. they get referred to as a bacteria train car by some people because they have a tendency to create UTIs and yeast infections.

I just want to say that I have NEVER had this issue because of thongs -- and I haven't worn non-thong undies in 10 years. That being said, I only wear cotton underwear (or at least cotton crotch), so that might be part of it -- and I think that's generally very good practice.
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Best answer: She may want to try Thunderpants Hipster and
Thunderpants original

They are comfortable, all-cotton, and (as a woman with a generously-proportioned bottom) I find that they always stay up.

They are $18 US / each - I don't know if that's more than she wants to spend - but if you order 3 pairs you get a discount.

Their website says "In 1995 we were a couple of chicks frustrated by an undie market which either had us squirming all day in wee lace numbers or flopping about in sexless granny bloomers. In a mix of desperation and inspiration, we created our ideal undie..."

Ureshii make really comfortable made-to-your-measurements bamboo undies starting from $9.00 US - very soft and comfortable. (The link goes to their listing for made to measure children's undies, but they also do undies for adults.) They seem to stay up very well.
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Best answer: I also wear the "Barely There" brand (I get them at Penney's), but they're briefs. They stay where they're supposed to. And the name is right on - I've found they're the most comfortable undies ever.
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I cannot stress the awesomeness of Thunderpants enough. They have solved all the issues you mention for me. Plus, they are very well made of high-quality cotton.
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I have the same problem with most underwear, which has been solved completely by Hanes authentic boxer briefs. These are not sexy skimpy underwear. But they are really functional underpants that will never give you a wedgie ever, even when you wear a skirt. They're amazing.

(And . . . I'm having trouble finding them for sale online. I really, really hope that they haven't been discontinued. :( )
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I also want to suggest going into Nordstrom's, their lingere' ladies are tremendously helpful in terms of the topside, and I'd wager that they would be equally helpful for those of us that make the rockin' world go 'round, as it were.
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Best answer: Did not read all of the responses, but I did notice a few people recommending Hanes "No Rise Up" panties. These do not work for me. They definetely ride up, give me wedgies. I too have been on this same search and have found that Jockey bikinis fit the bill. I'm so happy to have found them! Perhaps they'll work for your friend!
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Just based on all the different answers, I think your friend needs to keep a notebook or spreadsheet with whatever brand/style/size she has tried and what was the result. It looks like one person's NEVER is another person's ABSOLUTELY, so I doubt your friend (or anyone) is likely to find the perfect pair just by reading the thread. She should pick out a few from the comments that most match her situation, try them, then try something else if those don't work.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! She appreciates the input and is going to try a few of the brands you recommended. She's also excited about Thunderwear and will try it as soon as she has a bit more spending money. Great resources and advice!
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I like Uniqlo pants and also 'girl boxers' - it helps to buy a size up.
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