How to recycle or dispose of a steel bike frame?
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Does anyone know what the best way to dispose of a broken steel bike frame is?

I have a mid 80's Trek frame that I broke in a crash a couple of months ago. The downtube is folded over and the top tube broke in half, as in pulled apart. I was driven into a curb while dodging a car that pulled out in front of me while I was riding in traffic. Is there anyone who would accept the frame, being steel, other than just a steel scrap yard?

I've taken all the components off, which are in good condition and I believe are original. If anyone knows who might be interested in original vintage trek components, I would be happy to send 'em for the cost of shipping.
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Put it on Craigslist.
I came across a post a few years ago on my school's marketplace asking for scrap metal (specifying car parts and bike frames particularly) for an art project.
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So you know which components? Is it a road bike? Some parts are valuable (Campagnolo, Shimano Dura-Ace). You might find it's worth your time to list them on ebay or Craigslist. Is there a bicycle cooperative in your area? They'd love to have any working parts.

The frame is totaled. Why not recycle it at a scrap yard?
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Too bad about your bike, by the way.
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I sent you a memail!
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It can be recycled along with any other metal that you put out on the curb.
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Thanks for the helpful feedback. I will post the broken frame on craigslist for anyone who wants to have it and search for a bicycle coop as I'm almost certain there is okne here.

The bike is a 62cm Trek road bike. The brakes, derailers, and shifters are Shimano Deore, so not top of the line by any means, but they work. The brake calipers have a lever for opening wide in order to get the wheels off. There is a button in this lever that frees this lever to move. The front button is broken, however the level still works. The rear derailer is in decent condition but the front derailer is trashed as it hooked during the crash and was bent extensively.

The crank is more interesting: it is an Oval-tech triple where each gear/sprocket is not perfectly round. I assume this is to give more leverage during certain points in rotation.

Being that these parts aren't terribly valuable but might be useful as rare replacements or spares for a vintage bike, I don't mind giving them to anyone who wants to pay for shipping.

kpht, if you're still interested knowing more about the parts, I'd be glad to give them to you.
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put it on the curb most cities have scrap guys crusing around in pickups looking for shit like that
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If you didn't expect it to be pretty again, it could be repaired with the magic of welding. It probably wouldn't be worth paying money to do, but it could be good practice project for someone.
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The crank is more interesting: it is an Oval-tech triple where each gear/sprocket is not perfectly round. I assume this is to give more leverage during certain points in rotation.

oval cranks are indeed intended to increase power in the deadspot of the pedal stroke. i would imagine that you can sell these on ebay or something. there are definitely people out there who would be psyched about scoring some oval cranks.
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