Call for bloggers?
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Where do I post a call for bloggers? (This is not my call for bloggers.)

I'd like to start a collaborative blog project, and I immediately thought of craigslist as a source for savvy people. However, CL is divided by region, and I don't want my announcement restricted in such a way.

Is there a better place? Should I just post in multiple CLs?
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What will the blog be about? You could look for other, similar blogs, collaborative or personal, and post there, or email some of the writers and ask them to post or to send your email on to people who might be interested ...
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Or you could post to a certain forum designed to supply community answers to questions by other members in the guise of asking about the best place to post your request...

No, seriously, what's the project?
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I'm pretty sure Craigslist has a cross-location posting option.

Pro-blog publisher Gawker Media finds people who run their own topical sites. For example, Brian D. Crecente of gaming site Red Assed Baboon was tapped for gaming blog Kotaku. Granted, Gawker Media has stacks of money to offer.
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I was solicited to edit Moco San Francisco after the editor of the parent site saw Hewn & Hammered. I have had luck getting collaborators for a few other sites I run through, topical forums & yahoo lists, and elsewhere. Email me if you'd like to talk about this more.
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(oops, hope that linking to something i work on isn't a rule violation - is so sorry and feel free to delete)
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luriete, it's ok in the comments.
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Classy site, by the way. So O2B, what's your blog about? I think it's safe to tell now without anyone accusing you of self-promotion.
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Ha ha! Gawker Media may have stacks of money, but I don't think they "offer it." Denton, you tightwad.
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