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Looking for pop/rock suggestions for our destination wedding video

We're planning a video for our upcoming destination wedding, and are looking for good songs for the soundtrack. Something with a pop/rock/acoustic type of feel, an upbeat beginning, and if possible nuptial-appropriate/themed lyrics. Recent would be a plus, and preferably not something played often on the radio (I might need to contact the artist to use their music as well?).

A great example is Ben Rector's 'White Dress', featured at the start of this video:

I tried finding new indie artists on Pandora for this, but it's hard to browse a lot of songs without running into their song limits. Individual song suggestions are appreciated, but other ways to find new artists are welcome as well. Thanks in advance!
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Not acoustic, but upbeat and indie: Go Places, by the New Pornographers. The studio version is much cleaner, sharper and, er, in-tune.

"Stay with me, go places/ Once more for the ages"- I have always thought this would make a great first dance at a reception, too (a waltz! how easy!).
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I'm not sure if this is played often or not, but I've become very fond of "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz - may try to sneak it onto our mostly swing based wedding set.
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Not new, but poppy and sweet
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