Fast, asian rap?
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Fast, asian rap?

I am looking for rap in asian languages, especially like the first minute or so of this song
(heres another version of that that doesn't load as quickly but is better
Most of e.via's stuff would fit, I think.
The faster the better. Poppier is preferably to "hard" rap, but either is fine.

Don't know if this exists, but if it does I'd appreciate some names, songs, and/or youtube links.
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Outsider is known for his speed-rapping (속사포랩). (some links: Like a man, 외톨이 (Loner) )
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Big Bang - Haru Haru (day by day)

I may think of more as the day goes on.
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I must admit that the original link posted is far and away one of the most unbearable things I have ever heard. The general topic does, however, instantly remind of Long Island Wildin by De La Soul, which features some Japanes (?) rap, although it is not notably fast.
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There's always Chin Chin from the Blade soundtrack...
I used to listen to Clon and Turbo back in the day; they have some amusing rappiness.
Otherwise... Halcali (not that fast, really)?
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Oh yes, finally found it: The Bros - Dejavu. This was totally my favorite song for a good year.

(Secondarily, Rip Slyme?)
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Teriyaki Boyz
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Try Halcali.
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Some more Korean rappers:
MC Sniper (featuring Outsider) - Run & Run
Dok2 - It's me (Dok2 is read as "Doki" - it's a Korean pun as one way to read the number 2 in Korean is as "ee")

and not as fast as your example, but an oldie but goodie:
Dynamic Duo - "ChulChek" (Attendance check)

m-flo from Japan:
m-flo loves Emyli & Diggy Mo' - Dopamine
m-flo loves Boa - Love Bug (m-flo's rap comes towards the middle of the song)
(and just because I like this one: m-flo loves Wheesung - I'm Da 1)
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i love, love, love tha blue herb from sapporo, japan.
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Some of these might be leaning more towards hip-hop, here are few that I can think of:

Home Made Kazoku
Soul'd Out
Heartsdales AND Soul'd Out! ( a little slower)
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I'm still rebuilding my iTunes after a laptop theft, so I can't find any of the better Japanese or Taiwanese rap bits that I swear I have in here somewhere. Here's what I came up with, though it's not all that fast.

S. H. E. - [MV] 中国话 (Zhong Guo Hua)
lecca - Outsider (not really rap, but you said more pop was OK. She's usually described as "dancehall," but I don't know that this qualifies. It's not my favorite song of hers, but it is one of the ones with faster spoken lyrics.)
Jay Chou - Nunchaku
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You might want to check out Dragon Ash and their Mob Squad label. Their music style has been pretty fluid, from ska-punk to rap to latin influenced rock. Fantasista was kind of a theme song to the World Cup when it was held in Japan. From the same album was Revive (Concert clip, sounds like the singer is losing his voice). They released a new song to coincide with the World Cup in South Africa called Ambitious which does a pretty good job of showing off how much they've changed (and how the bass player gets progessively stranger as time goes on). Probably their biggest hit was Grateful Days which also featured ZEEBRA, one of the rappers on their label. It's a bit slower, but pretty good. From the same album, the title track was Viva la Revolution.

Among other things, I like that they have dancers credited as full members of the band, the same two guys since the beginning of the band. Kind of fun.
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