Cute, office-y/date/go out shoes for narrow, high-arched feet?
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Where can I find cute, office-y/date/go out shoes for narrow, high-arched feet?

I'm a size 7.5-8.0 US. I don't like most heels because my feet slide down in them and flats don't fit because my arches are high... I want to expand my shoe collection (3 pairs; boots, and two sets of Birkinstocks) and I just want some cute shoes that won't cripple me! I've purchased inserts and insoles and "chunky" heels to no avail.

TMI Filter: My feet get so squished at the ends of some heels I've had to have my big toenails removed due to chronic ingrowth resulting in infection... They don't hurt anymore and they've healed well; they just look fugly. I don't mind wearing sandals or anything but peep toe pumps are out...

Shoes for any season are okay but heartier/closed toed ones are welcome because we can only wear "strappy shoes" for about three months a year here in MN.

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I swear by dansko/sanita clogs. Those and Chaco flip flops are the only shoes that even touch my arches. I also bought a ridiculously expensive impractical pair of sandals - Donald Pliner I think but I will check when I get home - because they were gorgeous and despite the 3.5 inch heel they had fantastic arch support.
There is a Nordstrom in Bloomington - I'd go there and look at the different brands. I never order shoes online, I always go to a store and touch/see then to check out the arch support. I have a million pairs of shoes that I simply don't wear from before I started doing this.
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I'm not sure what look you are going for, but once you have a style in mind you can try searching on Zappos. It allows you to search for size, heel height, color, width, style and brand. Shipping is super quick and returns are free, so you can try them out at home and see how they fit. The site makes it easier for me to find shoes for my narrow, flat feet.
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Response by poster: I love Zappos and know them but I am specifically looking for brands, I guess. For example, what 8dot3 said.
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Sofft are nice and frequently-mentioned in the "comfortable heels" threads at and they have a broad range of styles. The insole tends to have a little padding which prevents foot-sliding, in my experience.
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I love Ariat footwear for my narrow, high arched feet. Most of their stuff is the most comfortable footwear I've ever put on my feet, although occasionally I find soemthing that has a different design and just isn't the same.
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