Display Cell Caller ID info on Windows via Bluetooth or USB?
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Does anyone know of software that will forward my cell phone's incoming Caller ID info to my Windows desktop?

I'm using a MS Smartphone (2003) w/ ActiveSync, but I can't find anything that will give me the functionality I want. Some friends of mine got similar functionality out of some 3rd party bluetooth software (Float's Mobile Agent, I think) but this doesn't seem to agree with my phone. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks!
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I've not heard of any such software (as an Orange C500 owner). FMA is only really of use on Sony Ericsson phones. The place to ask would be modaco.com's software forums. I have seen developers there soliciting for application ideas. I'd certainly find this useful.
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The standard fax program that came with Windows does it for me. I just plug my phone wire into the modem card and run the fax software. I have it set to manually receive faxes, so the fax machine doesn't pick up unless I click on the notification when the phone rings.

It only gives me the phone number and not the text, but other than that it works fine.
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Doh! Cell phone. Nevermind.
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Easy! Put your cell phone on the desk, and point your webcam at it... You can then view the cellphone screen from any internet connection.
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