Fallen by prickly heat
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I've had a heat rash for two weeks now. The doctor told me to see an allergist. I have an appointment. But after looking all this up online, I'm afraid.

Will this ever go away or am I doomed to bumpy skin forever? It does go away when it is cool, but comes back after I put even the lightest of cotton blankets on me. I hate the cold and usually love hot temperatures, which makes this worse. Will this ever permanently go away or do I just have to live with it and freeze myself? How do I stop feeling ugly?
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Are you sure it's a heat rash? Either way, I have a similar problem with hot showers- horrible bumpy keratosis pilaris. It's gotten better with dietary changes (gluten-free), but one thing that works really well is a body wash or cream with alpha-hydroxy acid.
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Your alternative plan is to not go to your doctor?

There's just a ton of reasons that skin can react to stuff, but zero ways that you don't get to spend your life wearing that skin. Remain calm, go see your doctor.
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There are so many reasons why your heat rash has been exacerbated. Detergent, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, fragrances, low thread-count sheets, poor-quality cotton blankets, etc. And etc. Go to your doctor. He or she is there to help you figure out why this keeps happening and is there to help you stop it from happening again.

And, in the future, stay away from Dr. Google. He doesn't really have a medical degree.
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Dr. Google. He doesn't really have a medical degree.

But he's definitely the hypochondriac's best friend.
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I suspect sweaty skin contacting sweaty skin does it, since I get them behind my knees. Maybe use more fans/get more air?
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It seems that it's not uncommon to develop termporary cases of Urticaria or similar hive-like reactions to all kinds of things.

I developed Dermatographic urticaria all of a sudden and have had it come and go since. And it's worse during the heat.

If it's any kind of reaction like that, it's always worse when you're stressed or nervous or worrying. So, do everything you can to keep yourself stress free and don't worry about it.
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I agree that you should see the doctor, but bear in mind that finding a solution may take some trial and error. I have super-sensitive skin that reacts to most lotions, soaps, laundry detergents, toilet paper, etc., etc. This only developed around age 40, so I've had to learn how to cope with it, and I haven't found my allergist to be a big help. I've had to do a lot of detective work on my own to figure out which products are bothering me, then trial and error to find things I can use.

I have no idea whether you have similar problems, but my point is that you may have to try various solutions before you find something that helps. By all means start with an allergist, but then go from there.
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