I have no self control, I need software to help
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Is there a windows equivalent of the OS X program Self Control?

For a project I'm doing, I'd like to be able to block particular web-sites in both Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome. The OS X program Self Control seems to be what I'm looking for, but I have to run Windows at work. Is there a Windows equivalent?
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Are you allowed to edit your hosts file at work? That would probably be the easiest way to do this. It's probably at C:\WINDOWS\drivers\etc\hosts if you're on XP; open that file with Notepad, and then add lines like this for every site you'd like to block: www.this_site_is_blocked.com www.also_this_one.com www.this_one_too.com

... then, you'll find that all of those sites won't work in any browser.

Of course, if your system is administrated, you probably won't be able to edit hosts; and frankly, if I were a sysadmin, I wouldn't allow users to block websites across all browsers. I think you might have trouble doing this, but hopefully someone else can recommend a solution.
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If you find one, add it at Alternative To.
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Best answer: If you use firefox, the add-on leechblock works great.

The unfortunate thing is that then you can just start another browser...but sometimes, that little ping to not go to Facebook or craigstlist (or askMF) is all I need...
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Have you looked at K9 ?

It is an internet filter, that can block on scheduled time slots web sites, email, etc.
it does not work at browser level, but rather, at the PC, controlling all network connections.
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Best answer: I wrote up a description of SelfControl and posted it on rent-a-coder.com and asked people to bid on it. That's how I found the main developer. He asked for $125.

If you really want it, you could pay someone to code it. Or gather people who want a PC version and commission someone to code it. There is a demand. I get emails from people on a pretty regular basis. And when you GPL it and give it away, you will make a lot of friends.

It's free and open source code. It's in your hands!
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