Where's Fats?
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How do I source a photograph? As in who took it and where I can get it?

There's a picture of Fats Domino about 3/4 down the page here. How can I find out what archives it comes from or who took it or both? I know it's not from Getty Images. Any ideas?
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I'd take a shot at asking the author of that page.
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I tried to search it on tin-eye but didn't find out anything.

One of my cheats is to find a book which uses the photo - books list photo credits, which usually are the information you're looking for.

Maybe flick through some books about Fats Domino, his biography, etc? Biographies/memoirs with a center section of color photos on glossy paper is usually a good bet.
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Via a google image search I found it here:


Which bodes well, since major newspapers have to credit their photos. This one says "baldwin piano co via AP". Maybe give the Baldwin Piano Company a ring? Is there an AP image archive somewhere?
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Sorry that was footage

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