Iphone4 browser taking me back in time. Please help.
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When I hit the "back" arrow/button on my Iphone4's browser I am more often than not taken back to an older, previously viewed version of the site and not the last/latest page that I was viewing. Like it's going back in time to a cached page. How do I stop this? It is very annoying.
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It appears to be an iOS 4 MobileSafari bug; I've got the same problem. Clearing the cache (Settings -> Safari -> Clear Cache) helps for a day or two, but then it's back to time-machine land.
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I get the same thing on my iPhone 3G with iOS 4. Seems to be a common bug with MobileSafari. No workarounds that I've been able to find.
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Response by poster: Good to know I'm not alone. Didn't find any mention of it anywhere.
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Maybe one workaround is not to simply click on a link, but to click and hold, so you get the choice to open the link in a new window. That leaves the origin page intact in its own window. Kind of like tabs.
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AFAIAC, the bug is when it *does* reload. But this is one of those times Apple will stick to simplicity rather than give you a choice. Maybe there's a solution in jailbreak land?

I think also there is a webpage metatag for freshness period, but I'd say this is just memory management.
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