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Refrigerator question.

The compressor on my 2nd fridge went out. It will cost $400 to fix. Technically, a new one can be found for 450+. However I like this fridge and the cheap new ones are not as good. So, my question is "Is an old fridge with a new compressor essentially a new fridge, or are there other expensive parts that can go? We don't have the water or ice maker set up so it doesn't matter if they go.
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If your fridge doesn't have a lot of fancy extras, then yes, the compressor is basically the heart of the unit and if you replace it you've got a fridge with a new lease on life.
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The compressor and the fan are the only moving parts on a refer. The defrost system electronics can age and 'go out' over time, so there is a 2nd heart so to speak that might go bad.

I'd check the energy efficiency on the new ones. Electronics of any decent quality are a gneration ahead of stuff of just 3-4 years ago.

Exact make model year of your current fridge could help.
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It depends on how old the second fridge is. Newer ones may be more energy efficient and better insulated such that you could save a few bucks each year without worrying whether it will break down again.. What I did when the "second" freezer gave out was to move it aside and use it for dry storage. We keep flour, sugar, nuts and other baking supplies in it without fear of spoilage or bugs.
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If you do decide to purchase new, try asking about purchasing the floor model at a discounted price. You can get a well-functioning fridge closer to your price range.
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