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What it the easiest way to create a blog locally hosted on my machine (OS X, Panther)? Can it be done with Personal Web Sharing and some wonderful Aqua app I don't know about?

I would like to create a blog to as an info resource for projects, but would prefer for it to be local. I know Panther comes with Apache, but is it enough? I know I could edit page after page, but don't want to. Ideally, there would be an app I could install that would facilitate this sort of local blogging. Is there? Or do I need to install mySQL and some sort of blogging application like WordPress? (Or is it better to just use a password protected external site and reassure, weekly, the anxious people I work with that it's ok, the information is safe, and it's not that sensitive after all?)
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I've been using iBlog, which could do what you're after. Part of iBlog's publish process includes a preview that lives in your /sites folder, which - if your Mac is set up properly - is live on the web. I like iBlog b/c it doesn't require mySQL or any additional bits.
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I'd go with WordPress running on Apache/Web Sharing. OS X comes with PHP installed, so you'd just need MySQL, which you can download as an east to install binary from
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I just created a localhost lab-book using MovableType. On the plus side I'm using SQLite and I installed a fair bunch of Perl modules using CPAN so there's no extant `extlib` folder -- I hope this helps.

I went this route because I wanted to have an easy backup plan for the database, it's basically sitting in a subfolder of my work stuff, and I didn't want to install or use MySQL.

It's a bit of work and it may not be easier than iBlog, but it has more options.
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On Panther I turned off Personal Web Sharing, and installed the Complete MySQL, Apache and PHP packages from Server Logistics.
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Frankly, any system that requires a SQL database (this includes Wordpress, Movable Type, etc) is going to be kind of a pain, because setting up (say) MySQL is a pain. I've done it, but don't ask me how.

One option that does not require this is Blosxom (the name contains a subtle hint that it was designed with OS X in mind). Blosxom just takes plain text files and mungs them into a blog; it uses whatever directory structure you set up as its categorization system. I have not used it, but it is as easy as anything else would be to get started with.

Tomorama--just out of curiosity, why install Apache when "Personal Web Sharing" is Apache?
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(OK so how do you post a link and get it to be a link?)

Go to the site listed above, it just completed a ten part series on everything from Apache to webmin to php, it is almost all very easy and straight forward. Then click on his "blog" catagory and it sets you up with "Wordpress" a really solid free blogging tool.

The only caveat is that there is a bug in all of the versions of php and the new version of MySQL that doesn't allow the Wordpress installation script to connect to the MySQL database.

The great thing about this series is that you only need a small level of familiarization withthe terminal and the rest is done for you. (Don't know MySQL from php, it's ok!) With the bug fixed, Wordpress set-up is one step.

Have fun (and someone tell me how to post links!)
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Thanks everyone. Actually I have mySQL installed and probably could get wordpress set up here, but I am hoping that this method gets more widely adopted here, so the simpler the better.
I am giving bloxsom a whirl and if it does not work, wordpress will be the next choice.
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leafwoman: type <a href="">link text</a> . Alternatively, use the "link" gizmo at the bottom right corner of the text-entry box (next to the B and I).
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I apologize for hijacking the thread, thanks gleuschk. I don't have "B" and "I" or "links" - Latest Safari-OSX 10.3.8

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leafwoman: doesn't work in Safari, but does in Firefox...

If you use Safari, you have to manually code the links like gleuschk mentioned...
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Thanks all for the help. Let me know when I can help you.
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adamrice: Because ServerLogistics' Complet Apache/PHP/MySQL packages take about 3 clicks each to install and are pre-configured to work with each other. I found it easier to follow that route than reconfigure any php settings to work with OS X's Apache.
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